There is a strange, subtle contrast between Eyedress’s languid beats and drowned-out vocals and the emotional urgency poking through the crevices of his music. With lines like “Your touch is so temporary,” the love and loss circling one another in his tracks are intense but fleeting, grounded deeply in the here and now—a YOLO kind of romance, if you will. And it is precisely this hyper-awareness that makes Eyedress such a hit among his listeners (“My following is mostly hipster kids who like weird stuff”), arming him with the focus to provide the audience a rounded musical experience.

His first full-length offering is fittingly titled Hearing Colors, reflecting his synesthetic approach to his craft. “I have so many non-auditory influences,” he says. “I’m inspired by visual art, cartoons, psychedelic drugs, and even clothes. When I start playing live, I want to do installations, making it performance art.” This careful attention to visual detail is evident in his music videos: “I’m really involved in the process,” he says. Crowd favorite “Everything We Touch Turns Into Gold” shows him in a tumultuous affair with FHM cover girl Alessandra de Rossi, and his upcoming “Nature Trips” has him driving a hearse somewhere in Batangas. Grainy selfie videos in a dimly lit basement? No, thanks. “I think musicians have to be the whole package. I feel like this gives me an advantage over other people who just upload their songs online.”



On sticking to a formula

“I always go for what I’m used to: weird button-UPS, my lucky green pants, cool socks. Anything that makes me look like a cartoon character, or a fucking middle-class hobo.”

On the right crowd

“A lot of my clothes are hand-me-downs. We’re all into the same aesthetic so I trust their taste.»

On grooming pains

“I pluck my chin hairs instead of shaving them. That shit hurts but I really don’t like having facial hair.”

On learning to say no

“I kind of like a little bit of everything; I can always use one element of something and incorporate it into my style.”

On the price you have to pay-literally

“Now that I have a career I have to look more polished and presentable. I just wear something expensive. Even if you feel like shit, if you’re wearing the most expensive thing you’ll be okay.”

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