When your working week finishes, your beauty regime should be just getting started, whether you prefer time-saving marvels or luxurious, drawn-out rituals. By Nicola Moulton

Carving out a bit of weekend beautifying time has never offered more enduring rewards. Vinylux is a new “weekly polish” from CND, the maker of Shellac. There are 60 colours (30 match Shellac’s salon shades) and the secret is in the pro-light top coat that hardens in natural light to provide the protective “shell” which, according to CND, should keep you going for seven days. (Mine lasted six, but as a frustrated former nail-biter I don’t have the best form with manicures.)

For lashes, Max Factor’s new three- day mascara is a minibreak must-have, especially for blondes: it adds colour (though not volume) and stays so well-put that it has to be removed with the special waxy cleanser provided. Meanwhile, niche French skincare brand Sampar’s 3 Day Weekend is a bronzing cream that provides a healthy glow for the whole weekend — with a bank holiday thrown in. And while we’re talking of eking out efficacy, trichologist Philip Kingsley has added a dry shampoo to his brilliant range of hair care, reassuringly entitled One More Day.

Chanel’s attitude is that your weekend beauty regime doesn’t necessarily have to take longer, but it should work harder. Enter the impossibly glamorous Le Weekend de Chanel which, along with Le Jour and Le Nuit de Chanel, aims to reset your skin’s clock: weekdays, you slide the appropriate beauty fluid in to your regime between cleanser and moisturiser, then come Saturday morning, switch to the turbo-charged, glycolic-acid-fuelled Le Weekend to rejuvenate a complexion grown sluggish and congested during the week.

All very efficient — but if you can’t make time for a bit of leisurely indulgence at the weekend, when can you? We’re all for Bliss Spa’s Calm Sundays: head-to-toe face and body overhauls with lovely extras like scalp and foot massages that you never usually have time for ( Surely that’s what a weekend is really all about?

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