Tannoy Definition DC10T


There are plenty of compact floorstanders adorning the pages of this Ultimate Guide, but surely if you want floorstanders it’s because you want to go big, right? Well big is what the Tannoy DC10Ts are.

The big enclosure and wide face is designed to accommodate doubled-up 25cm drivers that effortlessly produce the kind of mind-bending bass that 16.5cm drivers (the kind most of the competition uses) simply can’t match.

It’s by no means all about the bass

But what’s amazing is that the Tannoy’s manage to combine that with such agility and definition.

Notes start and stop precisely as prescribed, and are detailed enough to give you a real sense not only of the texture of the instrument, but also the room in which it’s being played.

Add to that exceptional dynamics, both low-level and epic in scale, and you’ve got a speaker that never hesitates to move you.

Some attention does need to be paid to placement, though. You need floorspace not only for the large speakers themselves, but also some free space for them to work their best. That bass doesn’t need any help — put the floorstanders too close to a wall and the bass gets a little boomy, while the bundled bungs, which you would have to use for the rear ports in such circumstances, hamper the authoritative quality of the units.

Thankfully they’re more flexible when it comes to partnering equipment — the more high-end you’re prepared to go the more rewarding the sound will be, of course. And while they may not be the most refined or tonally even speakers out there, the DC10Ts’ dynamics, authority and sheer engagement are worth making some effort for.


Type Floorstander • Sensitivity 92dB/W/m • Impedance 8 ohms • Max power 125W •

Biwirable Yes • Finishes 3 • Dimensions (hwd) 113 x 34 x 32cm

Rating ★★★★★

FOR: Oodles of bass; exceptionally dynamic and powerful; great pace and detail

AGAINST: Need plenty of space; not the most refined for the money

VERDICT: Big drivers and a bigger heart; the DC10T is an easy speaker to love

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