Telescope advice

This month we get hands-on with Celestron’s NexStar 130 reflector telescope

Celestron NexStar 130 SLT

Cost: £399/$430


Type: Reflector

Aperture: 130mm

Focal Length: 650mm

Magnification: 307x

This fully computerised reflector telescope from Celestron is the perfect way to view the stars. The 130mm aperture does an excellent job of gathering light and will afford you some fantastic views of the planets and also deep sky objects.

It’s a quick and easy telescope to set up that doesn’t require any additional tools, while a handy accessory tray is provided to store your various accessories on. The telescope itself is sleek and stylish, with a lovely light black finish.

The telescope’s database has over 4,000 celestial objects built in, so at the touch of a button you’ll be able to traverse the night sky and find various objects of interest. Helping you find your way is Celestron’s excellent SkyAlign technology, which makes setup a breeze.

The NexStar 130 SLT is light and portable but it doesn’t skimp on quality, with some great optics and a sturdy tripod to boot. You’ll easily observe Saturn, Mars and more with this telescope.

Our only qualm was that the NexStar 130 doesn’t remember the date and time, so you’ll have to input this manually each time you use it, which is a minor annoyance. Otherwise this is a great ’scope to purchase for amateur or experienced astronomers alike.

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