MTV presenter Laura Whitmore hangs out with rock royalty every day in the name of work. We gave her a new job — to model this season’s beauty trends.


Aka makeup that means business. First you’ll need a second-skin foundation for that pretty porcelain effect. Next, use a black liquid liner to mark out the double eye line, followed by a gel or kohl liner to fill in the flick. Revlon makeup artist Aimee Adams, who created Laura’s looks for our shoot, explains,»As long as the lines on both eyes are symmetrical, the rest doesn’t off the start of your brows to match your graphic liner — there are loads of great brow kits around in the wake of the Cara-fuelled big-brow trend. Finally it’s time for some lip-marker action. Choose a dark berry shade, pushing more colour on to the centre of the lip for that ‘I’ve been drinking red wine’ look. Now all you need is a handsome, leather-clad guy to adore you. Job done.


To capture that free-spirited vibe, makeup that looks swiped on does the job perfectly. It’s best not to get your fingers involved though. Run a pearlescent pale blue shadow along your lower lash line (Kiko has the perfect product for this). Use a blending brush (fluffy, oval-shaped) to apply the top copper colour — a metallic finish helps the light catch your lids. Push the colour into the inner corners and swipe it out towards your temples. Sharpen the top edge with a pointy-ended cotton bud. A sunbaked blush and gently defined lips will keep this desert-dwelling look from appearing too ‘done.


Cry me a river (of glitter)… This dramatic look requires finely ground makeup glitter (rather than the stuff you get on Christmas cards). Perfect your base first: a lightweight, flaw-blurring BB cream with a swipe of illuminating powder is the perfect combination. Apply glitter-sealing gel under the eye, snaking it down on to the cheek in tear-like drops. Then press on the glitter, gently brushing off any excess with a large, fluffy brush. Add a wash of metallic bronze over the lid, darkening the eye contour with a bronze kohl liner and running a dark brown kohl along the inside lid for extra (but not too intense) definition. The double-ended Pixi Crayon Combo in Softly Smoky is ideal.


Our makeup artist Aimee first applied a blue cream shadow stick over Laura’s lids as a base for the eyeshadow. «It’s like using a primer, and will add pop to the final colour»‘ she says. She then pressed a bright blue powder on top with a shader brush (short, firm bristles), blending the edge into the eye contour and running it under the lower lash line. The pink along the brow bone is a cream blush, blended up from Laura’s cheekbones to join the eye makeup. Use a cold, blue-tinted pink rather than a warm one to avoid looking like you have a black eye!

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