The big squeeze

Whether you’re making lemonade or going on a juice cleanse, get ready to press, squeeze, and twist with this tangy lineup of juicers

1. JUICY READ. With its 250 recipes of healthy juices and smoothies, you’ll be whipping up glass after glass once you read this book. Squeezed: 250 Juices + Smoothies, P999, Fully Booked

2. STEEPER STORAGE. Catch bitter citrus seeds and store orange and lemon halves inside these lovely steepers. Silicon Tea Steepers, P99.75 each, Dimensione

3. ICONIC SIGHTING. Beautiful and intelligently designed, this award winning, Jetsons-like juicer is even easier to clean—just run it under the tap! by Philippe Starck, price unavailable, Alessi

4. CHINESE HAT TRICK. Press your own citrus fruit, then drink directly from the goblet! Flip the “hat” of this quirky piece to reveal the juicer itself. Mandarin Juicers by Stefano Giovannoni, P2,085 each, Alessi

5. TAKE IT SLOW. Working like a mortar and pestle, Hurom’s patented Low Speed Technology System produces more juice but with less excess pulp— that means you get more nutrients. Great if you’re on a juice fast! Hurom Slow Juicer HU-600, P28,000, Hurom Slow Juicer Philippines

6. GO, GREEN TEAM! Prep your healthy juices in a pitcher with an ice tube that won’t dilute the flavors. Then serve them in these faceted tumblers. Antibest Tumblers, P3,600/set of 6, Acrylic Pitcher with Ice Tube, P998, both from Dimensione

7. PULPY PREFERENCE. Enjoy the right amount of pulp from your fruit by doing a 180-degree-rotation on its clever Pulp Selector. Cuisipro Citrus Juicer, P900, Howards Storage World

8. LEMONY SNICKET. Store your unused wedges and excess juice in this silicone squeezer because, sometimes, you only need a few drops of lemon to make a pleasant cup of tea. Make My Day Lemon Squeezer, P449.75, Howards Storage World

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