The Business of Projection

Versatile projector performance from the office to the concert stage


Small and light enough to be portable, the M420X is in fact a high-brightness, multi-function projector. Its 42(X) ANSI lumens makes suitable to be deployed in a wide range of places from classrooms to boardrooms. while Eco Mode automatically controls picture brightness, saving power and improving lamp life up to 3500 hours of usage. The M420X is also designed for case of use and maintenance. Geometric correction and test pattern display ensures quick setup, while USB and LAN support allows images to be sent over a wide range of data connections.


When a small projector doesn’t cut it, the NEC РA600Х offers large-room performance at 6000 ANSI lumens with functionality designed for flexibility in a fixed installation. Highly adaptable to various locations, the PA600X features horizontal and vertical lens shift functionality, 360-degree installation angles. 3D Reform function, plus five optional lenses from fixed focus up to 2x zoom. It supports a wide range of input/ output terminals including HDMI and DisplayPort. and is compatible with various network controls through wired/wireless LAN.


If your installation requirements also factor in image quality, the NEC PX700W DLP projector features a WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution and a high brightness of 7000 ANSI lumens. It is also capable of delivering rich cinematic experience with its HQV video processor that’s normally found in home theater projectors. Besides supporting a wide range of lenses and exchangeable color wheels for versatility, the PX700W supports multiple projector stacking and near seamless multi screen functionality to provide extra bright or extra large projection solutions.


This is the perfect business projector for you, if your business is in exhibitions and large venue staging. Just one NEC PH100U projector can produce a massive 500-inch screen with an ultra high brightness of 11000 ANSI lumens. With software stacking support up to four projectors, it can achieve up to 44000 lumens. What’s more, it also features seamless multi screen joining if you ever need an even larger display. With its 3-chip DLP system, 1920×1200 maximum resolution and HQV cinema quality processing, the PH1000U is even capable of Full HD cinematic experiences.

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