Transform your outdoor room with stylish decorative metal screening and garden features.

Nowadays we regard our gardens as outdoor rooms and take the same care when decorating them as we would any interior living space. We also prize our privacy, which is why screening is playing an increasingly important role in garden design. Tombo Design specialises in architectural and decorative metal privacy screens for residential and commercial use. The company also produces an array of metal wall art, garden features, fire pits and illuminated pieces so you can create a fully coordinated look to enhance any outdoor space.

Tombo Design screens are available in a wide range of finishes, from powder-coated to oxidised metal, and a selection of distinctive designs. If you require something unique, Tombo Design can produce custom-designed, made-to-order pieces for residential landscapes or commercial projects.

Committed to meeting the needs of its clients, Tombo Design is constantly adding new designer pieces to its already impressive product range. One of the latest additions is a light bollard for use along driveways, entrances, pathways and garden beds. Tombo Design has a number of different designs available to suit a wide variety of outdoor settings or, if you prefer, bring along your own artwork and Tombo Design can adapt it to suit your application or needs.

The Tombo Design team has 30 years experience in metal work and metal finishing, so you can be assured of first-class quality. The company’s highly skilled in-house designer is at the ready should clients require a custom-made piece or design advice. Upon request, on-site visits from the designer can be arranged.

Privacy screens and all other outdoor decor items, each of which is locally designed and made in Melbourne’s southeastern suburbs, are available Australia-wide. For information on local stockists, visit the Tombo Design website. Enquiries about stocking Tombo Design screens, garden features, metal wall art and more are welcome.

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