Editor’s Note: In response to The Great Nail Tech Challenge that ran in last year’s Big Book, here’s a letter from one tech who accepted the challenge. Sara, what an awesome accomplishment! If you took the challenge to heart, we’d love to hear from you on which ones you tackled. E-mail


Challenge #6: Suggest a service your client doesn’t normally get. I purchased a chemical heel peel product and when I see I won’t be able to remove a client’s heal callus «almost” completely, I suggest the peel. I apply it and it works while I’m doing her toe-nails. I’ve priced the add-on service at $10 and everyone has been happy with the results.

Challenge #11: Cross-promote with one of your business neighbors. I’ve been cross- promoting with the hair salon I rent space with. For a couple of months we advertised together r in th elocalpaper. That campaign wasn’t beneficial to either of us. Now we are going in together for a admin the Yellow Pages, which is good for me because I’m not listed there currently.

Challenge #20: Overcome your fear of retail. I have overcome my fear of retail. But I’ve been really careful with what I carry. My biggest sellers are CND Solar Oil and CND Cuticle Eraser. I use them with every single many and pedi in the salon. I use them myself. I think when you use them on clients and yourself they are easy to sell because you really believe in them.

Challenge #24: Pick a NAILS client handout (or create your own) to distribute to interested clients. I created a handout for all my Shellac customers (about half of my business) called Shellac Home care to give them when they get their first application. I also give them a mini bottle of Solar Oil. Most everyone said what a great idea that was and they’ve never seen a tech give them something like that. I did it because there’s so much to tell them about Shellac and a person can only absorb so much info.

Challenge #25: Work smarter, not harder. Every afternoon or evening, I send one group text to my customers for the next day and list their first name and appointment time. It has cut down my no shows to almost zero!

Challenge #28: Take control of your schedule. Almost all of my customers pre-book and right now most are booked up through Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Challenge #40: Network with your peers. A local tech who has 10 years of experience including teaching nails (I’ll have one year as of 12/1/11.) started coming to me for pedicures. Then we started trading pedicures. Now she’s offered to teach me more about gel nails and let me practice on her! This is priceless!

Challenge #42: Use social networking to market your business. I’ve had a Facebook page ever since I was in school for my business. I continue to update it frequently. I also have a web page as well.

Challenge #45: Give yourself a raise. I’m in the process of giving myself a raise right now.

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