Challenge #1:

Open shelves over the washer dryer makes the room feel cluttered.

Solution: Cabinets with doors hung over the washer/dryer makes a better use of the available height of the wall and the doors hide clutter.

Price: 3 piece cabinet set, plus side counter all bought as a set : $123 at Habitat for Humanity Restore.

Challenge #2:

Need to store gift bags, wrapping paper and bows in a more accessible way.

Solution: Two solutions made this possible

1. Door hanging shoe holder was modified to hold wrapping paper and decorations making good use of the unused door space. DIY TIP: The bottom of one level of the shoe pouch was cut to allow wrapping paper to fit.

2. Hooks on the wall.


1. Door hanging shoe holder: $10 at Canadian Tire

3. Hooks: $1 each at Canadian Tire.

Challenge #3:

Want to access foldable chairs for company, but would like them out of the way.

Solution: Chair hangers on an underutilized wall that gets the chairs up and off the ground but keeps them accessible.

Price: $10 each at Canadian Tire.

Challenge #4:

Need a place to store bulk buy items like paper towels, pop, etc. As well as extra odds and ends.

Solution: Utilizing the two existing sets of shelves side by side made a better use of the space on this wall.


1. Shelves: $0 — already in the space.

2. Flower baskets: $10 each at Michaels.

Challenge #5:

Nowhere to fold or hang laundry.

Solution: Sheet of laminated MDF with finished edges on top of the leveled washer dryer, and hanging tension closet rod.


1. MDF: $25 at Home Depot

2. Tension rod: $10 at Home Depot

Bare walls made the room feel cold and esthetically unappealing.

Solution: Above the washer/dryer as a backsplash are Wall Flats, a DIY option that are glued or taped to the wall and then painted.This added colour to the space as well as texture. Wall stickers were another way to inexpensively add colour to the space and make it feel warmer and more homey.

Wall Flats: $68 for a package of 9 at a local hardware store ($2.99/square foot)

Paint for Wall Flats: $20

Tree Wall Stickers (there were two trees per package, and two packages used): $15/package at Walmart

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