By Sam Paul

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Convention & Happening


Garden City, NY

September 6-8, 2013

Anyone who has ever attended a convention hosted by Long Island ink entrepreneur, Tattoo Lou, will tell you that the man and his team pull out all the stops to make each event bigger and better than the previous show.

This year the United Ink show will be housed in the Cradle of Aviation Museum, offering attendees three floors of tattoos, freak shows, and all kinds of assorted mayhem.

Rows—long and large—of top artists from the States and around the world stretch the entire room; and walk-in clients and scheduled patrons build on their collections from the very best tattooers in the game.

Entertainment runs the gamut from freak shows and suspension performers to pole dancing competition and metal bands.

The contest atmosphere is always fierce at United Ink, and the competitive spirit among these revered artists and collectors adds an extra layer of excitement to what is already a thrill-a-minute environment

More information is available at- new York tattoo

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