We all strive to find that elusive balance between a fulfilling career, a happy home life and the demands of keeping it all straight. Finding the tools to help create and manage that balance is key to a smarter, simpler life.

For the working woman, it’s all about juggling. School run versus early morning strategy sessions versus guests for dinner, homework and housework, school and career. It’s a lot to manage, which is why it’s so important to have the right tools for the job, to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that the diverse elements of life converge seamlessly.

Let’s start with the most important tool in a working woman’s arsenal — her phone. Take away that weapon of mass organisation and things start to fall apart. What other device could keep a schedule straight when it includes school timetables, play-dates, extra-murals, work meetings, after-hours events, family dinners, shopping lists, social media and book club chat groups? It’s the ultimate tool for that moment in the car en route to an urgent meeting when a thought pops into your mind — ‘don’t forget the cake sale at school tomorrow, and how am I going to remember this later?’ It’s the ultimate device for connectivity, so it needs to be the smartest, hardest-working instrument in the kit, with functional, helpful apps, alerts when you’ve missed calls or messages and always ready to work when you need it.

Another essential for any working woman is the ability to keep working when you’re away from your desk. Whether it’s a trip to the doctor with a coughing toddler, a 10-minute gap while you’re waiting for ballet class to end or a few spare minutes between off-site meetings, productivity is a need, not a want. Of course, you reach into your bag and grab your tablet — there’s a reason that this is the fastest-growing sector in the market currently. A quick session to clear your inbox during dead time? Easy multi-tasking with a host of apps open in one view? Being able to jot down notes or view something without opening it? It’s an instant stress reliever — just what the working woman needs to keep up.

Just as the phone is the nerve centre of a woman’s organising empire, so the fridge is the nerve centre of the home, at the heart of the kitchen.

The working woman’s steps to success include planning, planning, planning-and a fridge that supports all that effort. Like an easy slide shelf that pulls out so that you can get the packed lunches out without toppling last night’s leftovers. Its details, like a wider and deeper door shelf that accommodates those extra drinks you’ve bought, and a full open box in the freezer that slides out all the way to take out that extra-large lasagne for book club on a Thursday. It’s the intelligent compressor that knows to cool the fridge when you pop that hot plate of food inside. And when you take time on the weekend to head for the farmer’s market and stock up on quality organic produce for the week, it’s the comfort of knowing that it will stay fresher for longer thanks to innovative technology.

When it comes to looking the part, laundry is high on the list of the necessary evils. A must, yes, but thrilling? Not as much. The less time spent waiting for a spin cycle the better. Energy efficiency is a handsome plus, but it’s the effectiveness in washing delicate items and rinsing the detergent out thoroughly, that 15-minute quick-timed wash that allows you to squeeze in a load before you hit the traffic, the quiet drive motor that lets you run it late at night without losing any sleep — these are the things that make a working woman’s heart beat faster.

It’s about that beautiful moment of convergence, when you know that technology is working its heart out so that you don’t have to.

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