The world of work is no doubt a big part of our lives as professionals. Office area became part of the daily routine and this can sometimes make us feel bored. Special Office on this issue we invite you to peek design three office options Home & Decor editor who has a different style and theme on it. 44.

Does not stop there, we also prepared a six-page special Working At Home thing. 60 which contains tips, innovative products and inspirational suggestions for an ideal workspace design that you can apply in occupancy. Workaholics or not, you will love these ideas home office!

In September, the festive event Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (ICAD) 2013 will again be held. Check out a sneak peek preview of the works of this year’s exhibitors at the article The Art of History p. 24. Do not miss the exclusive article A Beautiful Mind terms. 30 the results of our interview with Samuel A. Boediono, an architect and a talented composer who has won many awards in the international world.

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