Think big

For a woodcarver, making your mark on the world is an essential part of the activity. But sometimes, those marks, however brilliantly executed, can only be seen by the privileged few who can get sufficiently close to examine your handiwork. Perhaps that’s why many carvers like to push the boat out once in a while and create something that has real impact, not only at the emotional level but physically too. The summer months, with the possibilities of working comfortably outside, can help to make such ideas a pleasant reality.

Here at The ToolPost we stock a range of tools and equipment that will contribute to making sculptural scale carving a pleasure at the time of execution as well as in quiet reflection. You may choose to approach your project using traditional carving gouges — as Simon Clements did with the piece shown alongside. We keep an extensive range of carving tools from Henry Taylor, Robert Sorby and Flexcut. Alternatively you may decide that power carving appeals. At the very least it is less physically taxing. As the importer of Saburr carving burrs, we can show you solutions that transform your power carving, handling heavy material removal as well as fine finishing. Heavy sculptural work with gouges calls for heavy gouges such as the ranges we carry from Henry Taylor, Robert Sorby and Flexcut.

Perhaps a more rustic approach better suits your style? In that case we can also offer you a choice of carver’s adzes, drawknives and carving knives. Our accessory ranges provide the means to secure your work, to enhance and decorate its surface and to finish it for utility or display.

Take a trip to see us or browse the website and see how our big ideas can help you to interpret your own.

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