A good shave will enhance your leader appeal. Leadership is a calling. Leadership in the boardroom is important so that time isn’t wasted; there is someone to lead and plan. Being a leader means channeling the courage to take risks by thinking of non-conventional ideas on how to execute tasks, being a game changer in the industry. It’s to listen and value everyone’s opinion, empowering your employees to speak and share their insights. And being well- groomed allows you to stay empowered. Leadership is being able to get all the employees motivated and working together on the same goal.»

«To be #MOMOLReady, you need to be in control. And showing your date that you take care of yourself when it comes to your grooming commands that control. One of you will have to take charge in making the calls. Observe your partner’s face and body language during the date, because she’s bound to notice yours. Know what makes her feel good. Take the lead but work together to make the date successful. Aim to please because as a leader, it is your duty to carry her to a successful date experience.» «To be #MOMOLReady, do your part to make her want to make it a good encounter—start engaging her with your clean-shaven face. After that, your every move will be smooth & easy. But it’s not all about you though, so don’t be too selfish. Be sensible! Ask her what she fancies and make sure you also express what you like.

In basketball lingo: learn when to shoot the ball and when to give the assist. Remember, practice makes perfect—iba’t ibang tao, iba’t ibang style. Your girlaloo is your teammate and both of you are playing for the championship. Bawalang bwakaw.»



«As the adage goes: There’s no «I» in «TEAM.» Show your l teammates that you’re willing to represent the company by looking good and feeling good. By getting rid of that gruff, you’re setting an example. Remember, it’s all about give and take. If you want to improve your game at work, teamwork and communication is key. You need to be dependable and at the same time, demand more of your colleagues. Being a one-man show (and this applies to dating as well) may have its perks, but no one enjoys the company of a showoff who is all talk and no action.»

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