True North Living

Customization is paramount at True North Living — your source for exactly the furnishings you want, crafted by hand in North America from solid wood for impeccable. lasting quality in individually perfect style.

True North gives customers complete control over their furniture: you choose the type of item, the shape, the dimensions. the stain and fabric colors, the hardware and fixtures, from hundreds of options in well over ten thou¬sand possible combinations. In a matter of weeks, you’ll have a showpiece made to your exact specifications.

And don’t worry about being overwhelmed by possibilities — the staff are experts at helping customers find optimal choices and making the selection process a snap, so the results will be pieces you will love for life. True North’s solid wood furniture comes with a lifetime warranty, and the upholstered pieces carry a 25-year warranty. The family-owned store is stocked with beautiful accents and accessories, and is a gateway to perfect custom pieces for any space. Come create your comfortable home at True North Living.

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