Unforgettable sight

IT WAS WITH great sadness that I read your Editorial, concerning the Ministry of Defence’s attitude towards the last flying Vulcan (XH558).

Over a period of years attending many airshows around the United Kingdom, one of the highlights of every show has been the arrival and display of the mighty Vulcan.

On numerous occasions I have seen various Vulcans (when we had more than one) hold spectators spellbound.

But it was at RAF Mildenhall on Sunday May 24,1992 when I saw the Vulcan bring about 120,000 people to a standstill.

It was a beautiful, sunny day with very little cloud, ideal weather for displaying aircraft at their best. Various types had displayed to the huge attendance, when over the public address system came the words that I had been waiting to hear, «The Vulcan will now take off to display», and as those four Olympus roared into life, people stood up straining to see as this mighty aircraft shot into the air like an agile fighter. It was then that I noticed the people all around me had stopped moving and were standing perfectly still watching this wonderful aircraft being put through its paces with great skill. At various moments throughout the Vulcan’s display, I noticed as for as the eye could see people had come to a complete standstill to watch the mighty Vulcan’s display. This wonderful aircraft had literally stopped the show.

When finally the Vulcan landed, doing its familiar ‘nose-up’ the full length of the runway, it was greeted with great cheering and rapturous applause. It was a sight that I will never forget.

Edward Shepherd



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