Unlocking a New Design Niche

Founded in 1968 by Conway Wong. Vatord Group of Companies specialises in construction and contracting. manufacturing and supply of building materials and property investment. Vatord has since grown to become an operation with substantial undertakings in China, particularly Hong Kong and Macau, as well as in Singapore, and is a leading fit-out contractor for the retail, note and commercial sectors in the Southeast Asia region.

Today, the conglomerate is needed by Wong’s daughter Elizabeth, a Stanford graduate, who oversees the Group’s, operations and has for the past few years focused on revitalising the building materials side of the business by bringing in a host of new products. »In 2005, when the gaming sector was entering the region, we knew there would be a demand for new building materials, especially since most casinos are heavily themed,» recounts Wong. «We travelled to Europe and the States in search of products that were not common in Hong Kong and Asia, including murals. special mineral paints and glass-reinforced gypsum (GRG). Following this effort, we clinched our first Macau project. The Venetian Macao awarded us several key fit-out packages, which we are extremely proud of. The new product lines provided the impetus for the establishment of the Fordtec Group, a subsidiary company that not only manufactures and supplies rare building materials, but also provides clients innovative, design-focused solutions based on individual project needs. «We were just distributors to begin with, out my vision was to create our own products and services with these high-quality materials,» says Wong.

Fordtec comprises designers, artisans and a team of skilled technicians. Among the many extraordinary materials offered by the firm are EarthPaint and Artec. EarthPaint consists in environment-friendly, low-VOC paints and finishes for a wide range of surfaces. Unlike standard paint, EarthPaint can generate artistic patterns and outstanding effects that replicate the look of silk, metal, marble and stone. It has been applied on the external facade of Four Seasons Hotel Macao, at Hysan Place. Abercrombie & Fitch, Tod’s. Versace and several other high-end retail outlets in Hong Kong. EarthPaint’s consistent quality and diverse palette of colors and finishes make it a highly desired option among designers. The Artec brand, on the other hand, utilises the latest decoration and graphic design techniques to tailor-make murals, paintings and artworks. Fordtec’s design team helps to conceive, research and transfer the chosen images onto virtually any type of surface the client desires images onto virtually any type of surface the client desires. These, often large art pieces, are then installed in their end-location in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Fordtec has designed and produced over 60,000sg m of murals worldwide in the last six years stunning images ‘or everything from the massive ceilings and facades of the Venetian Macao complex to the intricately detailed columns in the clubhouse at 109 Repulse Bay. Says Wong, «Our preference is to take on unique projects, and we have a great team to see them through to completion. I believe designers and architects will appreciate this level of customisation as it gives them the freedom to create something that hasn’t already been done.»

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