Use a creative film effect on your photos

Make digital photos look like they have been processed from film with DxO Film Pack 4.

Processing your images from a roll of film used to be the only way to produce photos, and different makes of film gave your captures a different look and feel. DxO’s FilmPack 4 editing software makes it easy to recapture the quality, style, colours and grain of some of the most famous analogue films to give your digital images a classic look.

There are 38 colour and 26 black-and-white effects to choose from in the Expert edition, emulating the characteristics of films from the likes of Kodak, Fuji and Polaroid. Once you apply an effect to your shot, you can then fine-tune it with a series of adjustments. Alternatively, you can select a Designer preset and have all the hard work done for you, or create your own custom preset that you can apply to future shots with one click.

FilmPack 4 can also be used to make standard photo edits. You can crop and rotate, then click the Settings tab to open up further editing options. Among other things, you can adjust the contrast, saturation, exposure, vibrancy and hue of your images, as well as remove digital noise. There is also a slider for converting to black and white, and a histogram for viewing the distribution of tones in your shot. You can view the before and after as a split image or side by side, and even create a snapshot of it at different stages of the editing process.

We used the Expert edition (£99/approx $150) as it has wide variety of effects on offer. The Essential edition (£59/approx $90) is still feature packed, including 35 effects. Both are available from

Go retro. Recapture the analogue film look

Choose a film preset.

Select one of the preset film effects from the menu and click on the side-by-side preview button at the top. Now adjust the intensity of the effect under the Effects tab of the toolbar.

Add a filter.

Staying in the Effects tab, click on the arrow next to Filter. Select a filter to add to your photo and adjust its density. Similarly, you can apply a toning effect like Sepia and adjust the strength of that.

Create a vignette.

Under the Creative vignetting heading in the Effects toolbar, adjust the intensity slider. You can then change the Midpoint, Transition and Roundness of the vignette and even set your own centre point.

Add creative blur.

Increase the intensity slider under the Creative blur vignetting heading to blur the edges of your shot and give it depth. Just like with the standard vignette, you can fine-tune the effect with the various sliders.

Create a print effect.

To give your photo the look of a film print, add a texture and light leak under the corresponding heading in the Effects menu, then adjust the intensity to generate a slightly different effect.

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