With desktop applications, mobile apps, and a range of other services, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of what Adobe has packed into Creative Cloud. Here’s a quick rundown of lesser-known services included with membership.

Behance ProSite is a companion service that helps artists build graphically rich portfolio websites with drag-and-drop ease, integrated right into Tumblr or WordPress blogs or with an existing domain name. Setting up a portfolio is free, but subscribers will have to fork over another $11 per month to get it published.

For more-traditional websites, Business Catalyst is a hosting platform that makes it easy to publish a dynamic, data-driven website right out of Dreamweaver or Muse. An unlimited number of trial sites are free, which can be upgraded to Standard or Premium as needed.

Users also receive Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition, a $395 value that works with Adobe InDesign to help publish an unlimited number of apps to iPad without writing a single line of code.

Also available separately for $9.99 per month, Adobe Story Plus CC is now part of Creative Cloud (see CC Video review), offering collaborative tools for writing screenplays, and then executing those dreams with detailed schedules and reports.

Although Adobe Photoshop Touch requires an additional App Store or Google Play purchase ($4.99 iPhone, $9.99 iPad), Adobe Ideas (free, universal) lets Creative Cloud users free-form their ideas as vector illustrations, then open them in Illustrator CC for further refinement.

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