What Is an Inclusive Culture?

Resoundingly, the CEOs agreed on what an inclusive culture meant for their organizations. They defned it as one in which employees can contribute to the success of the company as their authentic selves, while the organization respects and leverages their talents and gives them a sense of connectedness. “In an inclusive culture employees know that, irrespective of gender, race, creed, sexual orientation, and physical ability, you can fulfll your personal objectives by aligning them with the company’s, have a rich career, and be valued as an individual. You are valued for how you contribute to the business,” said

David Thodey of Telstra, the Australian telecommunications firm. Brad Wilson of Blue Cross and

Blue Shield of North Carolina described an inclusive workplace as “one where all who come with the professional skills sufcient to perform the requirements of the job feel welcome, supported, and rewarded, and are inspired to succeed based on their ability.” That’s similar to the point that John Rowe of

Exelon, a U.S. energy producer and distributor, made when he noted that a culture of mutual respect helps

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