True to its name, TRENDS is a very stylish and an up-to-date magazine along with being the most informative amongst its contemporaries. The well-crafted content and lifelike images make every feature look fascinating and engaging. The range of projects, both national as well as international, are noteworthy and give one a global view of the industry. The presentation style not only makes it appealing for architects and interior designers but also for the common man.

Founded in 2000 by architect Bipratip Dhar, Epsilon believes in offering quality design and architectural solutions. The firm adopts an innovative design approach for all its projects and strives to incorporate the latest building techniques as well as concepts of sustainability and energy conservation. Their portfolio includes projects in the residential and commercial category along with healthcare, auditoriums, retail outlets, hospitality, etc. With no fixed design style, the firm designs projects that are in tune with the environment and the community. According to Dhar, their work emerges from an evolutionary design process that explores, tests and experiments with alternatives in order to achieve satisfactory results that consolidate all requirements.

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