Nikon 28-200mm f/3.5-5.6G

By Andy Teasdale

I work as an international Mountain Guide and am a very keen photographer Lugging a ton of kit around the mountains doesn’t work (or me; my gear needs to be as light as possible l carry a full frame DSLR. because it produces fantastic results — but everything else needs to be light.

When I’m working, mountaineering and ski touring I take the Nikon 28-200 t/3.5-5-6G lens. It is plastic small and unstylishly silver, but it works brilliantly if I need it to perform faster I increase the ISO, saving the need for VR or a fixed f-stop tens. The hood is quite long, which is very effective for flare reduction as well as keeping snow and rain off the front filter. When closed it is about 10cm long, including hood, so it fits easily into my outer jacket — so opportunistic shots are always achievable.

The results I get from this lens are fantastic The range means I can enjoy mountain nature photography as well as landscapes Using it handheld is fine, the lack of VR doesn’t inhibit what I can do, I took many great shots on a recent ski tour I was guiding, and one of them came second in the «Great Outdoors» competition, organised by the Society of international Nature and Wildlife Photographers I have my little 28-200 to thank for that.

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