Why Professional photo (Why Profoto…)

Wow, I have always loved the best gear, so Profoto was a no trainer. I have tried all the others but nothing is as robust and pretty as Profoto. Oh yes looks are important too. I like to buy the best because I want to know my lights will work when they have to, if I have a 5 minute window with a busy famous person I want to concentrate on my images not my gear.

I expect things to work always and that’s what Profoto gives me… reliability. I started with Profoto over 15 years ago, I bought two fast fashion packs and four heads for a huge Sanyo campaign and I still use them today on certain shoots. The fast duration helped stop the motion.

I have a love affair with the D4 packs as they are so simple and versatile to use. I couple them with a ring flash and maybe a grid spot to beauty dish. I also never leave the studio without my D1 Air 500 MonoBlocks and a few light shaping essential items like the 3ft and 5 ft octas, two stops 1×4 and an assortment of grids and beauty dishes. The 7b battery pack lives in my car complete with the piggy lighter adaptor so I am ready for anything, oh I use my ring flash on this pack as well.

I just love pretty Swedish things I guess!

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