Winning Fashion

Here they are: the three winners of the Foschini Fashion Design Awards! There’s also a date for the second year’s competition, so get out your diaries.

There’s no stronger statement about supporting local design talent than sponsoring a competition that nurtures our young fashion designers. Unless it’s also giving the top three a chance to create a limited range under expert guidance, providing them with rack space and offering the public these rare fashion plums at retail prices.

From October, the three designers you’ll find at Foschini Canal Walk, Gateway and Eastgate are Frances Buchner, Sabrina Linder and Sheila-Madge Bakker, with limited-edition collections that push summer’s monochromatic trend to the limit.

Buchner’s garments are simple, with a great fit. ‘I wanted high impact in terms of bold colour contrast while keeping silhouettes simple,’ she says.

For Linder, design is intensely personal. ‘My inspiration reflects my personal «handwriting». This experience has given me great insight into myself,’ she says. Bakker is more about attitude: ‘Like a schoolgirl torn between rules and rebellion, the range I designed is young and quirky,’ she says. Think dotty design and Chanel sleeves, making for a ’60s sensation.

The three enjoyed developing their designs under Foschini mentors, and COSMO’s fashion director Robynne Kahn inducted them into the world of magazine fashion shoots.

Visit to view a video of the event and the moment they won. And if you’re interested, the second year of the Foschini Fashion Design Awards launches online on 1 October 2013.

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