Wolfman Peak Tail Bag

Not every dual-sport ride is a cross-the-continent expedition, so there’s no need to carry your entire inventory of ADV kit all the time. And that’s where Wolfman Luggage’s Peak Tail Bag comes in.

This 8-liter, wedge-shaped bag fits perfectly on the factory racks of many dual-sport machines—in fact, it mated to the Husky Terra’s stock piece like it was made for it—and is large enough to hold your essential tools, plus your own incidentals like wallet and cell phone. Bungee-cord webbing on the top adds capacity. Internal compression straps keep heavy items in place, which is where you want them. Overall, the bag is 10 inches long, 9 in. wide at the broadest part, and 6 in. high.

Mounting is simple. The Peak has four web straps that can be looped around your existing rack and cinched tight. For other applications, use the included J hooks to secure the bag to the passenger seat. The straps are sewn toward the top edge of the bag, but internal stiffeners keep the bag from sagging and the straps from loosening.

This particular bag has been on and off various bikes, including several dual-sports, for the last year and has not one missing stitch or any visible wear beyond a slight mottling of the non-slip surface along the bottom. In short, the Peak is a super-handy, durable, clever tail bag for when you don’t need anything more.

PRICE: $109.99

CONTACT: Wolfman Luggage www.wolfmanluggage.com


Handy, durable, versatile tail bag for any type of rider and any kind of bike.

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