Women and women

That’s originally a parent’s way of telling his or her daughter not to have sex until she’s a woman. Well, guess what? It didn’t work! I was a good girl through high school, but when I entered the college, I finally killed my conservative shell.

» and then began to strip in front of me.

Even though I was a modest girl and had never done that before, I got naked, too. And while I was certainly not ashamed of my body, I was a little uncomfortable being completely without clothes in front of other girls, especially when I didn’t really know them very well. Their bodies were fucking amazing. Molly was a short but very curvy brunette, while Kim and Sarah were both tall and blonde. Kim was slender and lithe; Sarah was more voluptuous. They were all so awesome-looking that I couldn’t help staring at them.» while the other two pinched their nipples teasingly.

They also obviously wanted people to lust after them, as well as to fuck them or eat them completely.

I was trying to make a decision what to do when Sarah and Molly asked me to do sunblock on their backs, explaining that they had very sensitive skin and didn’t like an overly tanned look.

«Hey Sarah,» she said. «Can I ask you a question. Which player on the football team do you think has the best cock?»

«Oh, that’s a tough one,» Sarah replied. «Because, you know, most of them have something going for them—the feel, the length, the thickness. Or the way they feel inside my mouth, or in my pussy.»

«And don’t forget about your ass!» Molly interrupted, and at that time I felt Molly’s butt clench beneath me.

«Oh, yeah, in my ass too, you’re right,» Sarah replied non-chalantly. «And I suppose it depends on my mood, too.»

«I like them all,» she said dreamily, «but my favorite has to be Brent. His cock is the one to die for!

«Hey, don’t fall off, Cathy,» Sarah said, walking over to me.

«My god, are you about to come?» Molly asked me.

«You know, I think she is,» Sarah said, grinning as she saw how much I was enjoying riding her friend’s bouncing ass. Then she reached out and massaged my tits, before leaning in to take one in her mouth. «You’re really turning her on, Molly,» she said then. «Don’t stop. I love how hard her nipples are.»

At that point Kim hopped out of the pool and came over to us, saying, «You guys are so selfish. Why didn’t you call me?

I hate to think what my parents would say if they only knew what I was up to.—A.H., Philadelphia

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