Attacked in 1264, besieged in 1642 and damaged by fire in 1871, since it was constructed in 1068 at the command of William the Conqueror, Warwick Castle has gloriously survived the ever-changing fortunes of history.

Situated in the heart of the midlands, the picturesque Castle was the birthplace of Richard III’s wife, Anne Neville and played home to the Earls of Warwick until 1978, since then it has become a famous visitor attraction for the whole family, which is not to be missed – especially at Halloween when the dungeons become even more real.

With over 1,000 years of history to share, the Haunted Castle returns for its sixth year this October. Thrill seekers are invited to the after dark attractions where they can be chilled to the bone. Visit the dungeons, which date back to 1345 when Warwick was gripped with the plague, making it the ideal place to encounter spirits. Or venture deep inside and witness a séance that may unleash ghosts from the past. Send your children to the high tower where the witches have besieged the Princess, or explore the Castle’s grounds after dark, where you can visit the swamp, spiders lair and graveyard. The History Team also takes over Dream of Battle in Guy’s Tower to show genuine recordings from the Castle’s 60-acre grounds that seemingly show the spirits that haunt the 1000-year-old site.

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