Words of the prophet

Vox populi History had a key part to play in getting the message across in BioShock Infinite

Since its release earlier this year, we’ve been in love with the sheer beauty of Irrational Games’ BioShock Infinite. One of our favourite visual aspects is the representation of social ideals through propaganda.

The task of bringing The Prophet’s words to life fell to West Studios, who after researching posters from the turn of the 20th century, wanted to strike a balance between the visual languages of religion and war. «Propaganda-art and religious imagery share a similar purpose,» says West Studios’ head honcho Tyler West. «The information from both fields is often boiled down to be as direct as possible.»

Staying authentic to its roots, Tyler wanted the artwork to reflect the quick-fire process carried out by artists of the period. «Poster artists of the late 1800s worked extremely efficiently and so there’s a fresh quality to their work. It was important to me that we carried this look into our work as we tackled each image, making sure they didn’t become too overworked.»

BioShock Infinite is out now. To see more of Columbia’s finest, head over to www.weststudio.com.

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