Yamaha Super Ténéré

Yamaha’s entry into the big-bore enduro category, the $14,790 Super Ténéré, remains essentially unchanged since its global debut in 2010. In a category filled with unique bikes, the Super Ténéré still stands out with its unconventional, 1199cc paralleltwin engine with a 270-degree crank layout (opposed to the more conventional, 180-degree arrangement) that Yamaha says improves torque—and also delivers a tasty exhaust note through the Akrapovic accessory exhaust that was fitted to our testbike.

Yamaha Chip-Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) ride-by-wire enables two power modes—Sport and Tour—with correspondingly appropriate traction control strategies. Unified ABS with rear-to-front linking is standard equipment; while the TC can be turned of completely, ABS cannot.

The side-by-side twin lives in a chassis composed mostly of steel tubes, arranged to provide some novel packaging. The single radiator is offset to the left of the 6-gallon steel fuel tank, while the battery and other electrical components live behind the right-side shroud; Yamaha says this arrangement allows the engine to be located lower in the chassis. A sixspeed transmission feeds power to a shaft final drive, though without any torque-reducing linkages or mechanism. Yamaha says the length of the swingarm inherently reduces shaft jacking. Spoke wheels are standard equipment, and Yamaha offers a bunch of factory accessories including hard and soft luggage, crash bars, and more.

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