Il96300pu (m) russian federation presidents plane


Il96300pu (m) russian federation presidents plane

«… Air Force Commander Alexander Novikov reported that the two are ready to fly the aircraft. First Colonel-General Golovanov, the second — the colonel Grachev. High offered to fly with Golovanov, but Stalin smiled: «Colonel-Generals lead planes occasionally, go with the colonel …» … Together they arrived in Tehran — Stalin, Molotov, Voroshilov, and my father «(from a book of memoirs Sergo Beria).

Stalin’s visit to the Tehran Conference in November 1943, was the first air travel, the country’s leaders in Russian history. The details of this action are not rich enough: it is clear only that the flight was elected a unique South American «Douglas» C-47 (according to other sources — its a licensed copy of the Li-2 Personal assembly). In flight, «board number 1» accompanied escort of 27 fighters of the Red Army Air Force.

Nikita Khrushchev, in contrast, was a particular air travelers and the aircraft are often used during their own global tour. The greatest fame acquired a story of his visit to the United States (1959). For transatlantic travel Khrushchev chose the Tu-114, the largest turboprop aircraft in the world, it — the plainclothes version of intercontinental bombers Tu-95. In addition to the General Secretary, on board the Airbus was his family and his entourage of 63 unaccompanied individuals. It did not happen without embarrassment — upon arrival at Andrews Air Force Base revealed that all South American ramps are not long enough to reach the doors of high TU-114. Russian delegation had to go down the ladder fire truck.

Il96300pu (m) russian federation presidents plane

NS visit Khrushchev in the United States. Andrews Air Force Base near Washington

Beloved plane Leonid Brezhnev was a quick handsome IL-62 — the flagship of the Russian Union of civilian aviation. The same aircraft flew successors Brezhnev — Yuri Andropov and Mikhail Gorbachev. For always plane never let their own VIP-passengers every time he confidently broke away from the band and a few hours later, landed neatly on the other side of the world. The most reliable technique. Only at one point, while in the airspace of Algeria, «Brezhnev» IL-62 came under attack by the French «Mirage». Fortunately, everything turned out (so far for sure it is not clear that this was a — a mistake, provocation or an attempt to sabotage).

The first President of the Russian Federation wished to change the old IL-62 to a modern wide-body airliner Il-96 (special modification of the IL-96-300PU — «control point»). Until now, this aircraft (tail number RA96012) stroll legend: an exclusive interior design by Ilya Glazunov’s painting in Holland, interior trim in Switzerland, bulletproof glass and electric locks cabins, precious woods, inlaid with precious stones, tapestries and rare works of art. In the end, communication systems and remote control in case of SRF conflict began with the use of nuclear weapons — the presence of special equipment is issued by Plexiglas «chute» on the fuselage of the aircraft. In addition, «Yeltsin» IL-96-300PU different from the civilian version of «Ninety-six» extended range and, according to unofficial data, the presence of optical-electronic jamming stations for homing missiles MANPADS and rescue system first face of the incident plane (parachute or ejection capsule — here is inexhaustible popular imagination tends to infinity).

Il96300pu (m) russian federation presidents plane

That, RA96012

If you do not take into account the different properties of the speculation is not clear and the adequacy of, the IL-96 — a luxurious aircraft with generous lines and harmonious view, owning, in addition, excellent reliability — for all 20 years of this type of aircraft, there was not one the great tragedy that resulted in the death of people. Agree, sounds impressive against the background of persistent reports of accidents «Boeing» and «Airbus»! Highest safety of IL-96 partly explains the theory of probability (of the order of 30 machines built) and specific operators — the quality of service of aircraft in flight unit of the Office of the President probably higher than that at least some private airline.

At the moment, within the Special Flight Unit «Russia» are four Il-96-300 aircraft of various modifications. The flagship is the IL-96-300PU (M), tail number R96016 — a modernized version of the «Yeltsin» IL-96-300PU, for the first time to take off in 2003. The real «Flying Kremlin» with an office of the President, the meeting room, conference room and a beauty «luxury» for unaccompanied persons and guests on board the aircraft. Under the hand with the country’s leaders is all that is necessary to manage a large state: computers and office equipment, satellite communication systems, special communications channels. A unique radio-electronic «filling» Airbus, developed by one of the defense companies in Omsk, allows you to send messages encrypted with a special code, with at least some height at any point of the world.

Il96300pu (m) russian federation presidents plane

Other features of the super-plane — on board a mini-gym, lounge areas for VIP-guests, dining room, bar, showers and even medical unit for resuscitation and provide critical medical care. In order to avoid repetition of the incident in 1959, when Nikita Khrushchev had to go down the ladder fire engine, on the new Russian aircraft has an integrated bottom ladder. In addition, the «Putin» aircraft equipped with upgraded engines PS-90A.

IL-96-300PU (M) was built by special order in the city of Voronezh, on finishing work best jewelers from Zlatoust, interior decorate prints on historical themes, embroidered masters Pavlovsky Posad silk factory. The layout of the premises and technical equipment of the aircraft involved specialists from Diamonite Aircraft Furnishings Ltd. Beauty is in more bright colors, preference is given to the colors of the Russian flag.

Despite the sometimes sounding indignation at the interior decoration provided IL-96-300PU (M) should see that this is not just a plane for personal use. On board the IL-96-300PU (M) are often zabugornye guests, diplomatic missions and representatives of the media. President of the plane — it’s a special mark, creating a style of our country in the eyes of foreigners.

To the disappointment of spiteful critics, there is no «golden toilet», the flagship of the interiors are designed in the «Reigning» style with a hint of imperial ambitions of. Generous, beautiful and perfectly, without too much «tinsel» and other parts of shouting vulgar luxury.

In short, the president’s «IL» — comfortable flying office for business trips around the world — is nothing similar to the «expensive toy» Tsarevich Saudi Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who commanded position on board a personal 3-storey «Airbus’ A380 large pool and a concert hall with a symphony orchestra!

The highest price of the «government-Il» primarily justified installed on board the secret electronic equipment and special measures relating to the safety of flight of the government, «the board.»

In December 2012 Air Force Special flight group «Russia» added another IL-96-300 (tail number RA96020), came to replace their predecessors. At the end of today’s 2013 Office of the President will receive the second ordered «IL» (tail number RA96021).

Special government aircraft are in all states of the world. U.S. President flies on a comfortable white-blue 747 «Air Force One». The Chancellor of Germany — the European airplane, «Airbus’ A340 with a personal naming» Konrad Adenauer «. The President of Ukraine visits for their own uses small business aircraft An-74. However, most of the high and this is forced to move on zabugornoy aircraft. Only very few countries possess advanced aircraft industry, able to independently make the plane to the leaders of their own country. You can proudly say that the higher offices of the face of the Russian Federation continue to fly on Russian aircraft.

Il96300pu (m) russian federation presidents plane

Long-haul passenger aircraft Il — 96-300.


Wingspan: 60.1 m Length 55.35 m plane, airplane height of 17.57 m, wing area 391.6 m2; sweep angle on the strip 1/4 chords — 30 degrees; fuselage width 6.08 m;

Dimensions Cabin

Length of 41 m;

maximum width of 5.7 m;

maximum height of 2.61 m;

volume of 350 cubic meters.


Perm engine turbojet KB PS-90A with reversing devices (4h156, 9 kN 4h16000 kgf)

Weights and loads

The biggest take-off weight — 230 tons, maximum landing weight — 175 tons, empty weight equipped — 119 tons, the highest weight without fuel — 157 tons, the maximum payload — 40 tons, the largest in store fuel — 122 tons (150400l).

Flight data

Cruising speed at an altitude of 10,100 m — 850-900 km / h approach speed — 260-270 km / h, the equilibrium distance of the take-off — 2600 m, the need for landing distance — 1980 m; practical range with reserve fuel: with the greatest commercial load 7,500 km, with a payload of 30 tonnes — 9000 km, with a payload of 15 tons — 11,000 km.

Features and technical and economic properties

With supercritical wing profile and trailer aerodynamic surfaces. Design life 60,000 flight hours (12,000 landings over a 20-year lifetime), 11 labor-intensive maintenance man-hours on the 1:00 flight time of preparation for re departure 45 minutes. Fuel consumption per passenger kilometer is within the boundaries of ’23


Flight and navigation equipment provides the operation of the aircraft at a minimum Category IIIA ICAO. Used an integrated analog-by-wire flight control system and system optimization of the flight, integrated inertial navigation system, satellite navigation and radio navigation system «Omega», the electrical system disk imaging display with six LED indicators on the CRT and HUD. There is a built-in test equipment, automatic display system disk imaging plane alignment.

The creation and issue

It is announced in 1992.

Programs from state

Certification of the aircraft by Russian standards was completed by the end of 1992. By the time the true IL-96 corresponds to the second category of ICAO, ie can take off and land at very low visibility.


Aircomplexes them. Ilyushin.

Il96300pu (m) russian federation presidents plane

RA96019, the next government, «IL»

Il96300pu (m) russian federation presidents plane
Il96300pu (m) russian federation presidents plane

Meeting of the Government

Il96300pu (m) russian federation presidents plane

A comfortable lounge for suite

Il96300pu (m) russian federation presidents plane

Here «drench»

Il96300pu (m) russian federation presidents plane

Elegant, interspersed with trees, socket

Il96300pu (m) russian federation presidents plane

An-74 plane of President of Ukraine

Il96300pu (m) russian federation presidents plane

The interior liner Ukrainian government

Il96300pu (m) russian federation presidents plane

U.S. President aboard Air Force One

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