Sergey ryzhov warned about the responsibility for organizing a strike

Former candidate for participation in the presidential election Sergey Ryzhov said that he was forcibly taken to the prosecutor’s office and threatened further arrests.

According to Sergey Ryzhov, about 16 hours, and he received a call from the police department Pershamaiski Vitebsk, and a man who introduced police officer, asked what address to bring a summons to the prosecutor. Mr. Ryzhov said he is in the clinic, and the agenda was brought there. Come to the prosecutor’s office for any conversation needed immediately, but Sergey Ryzhov had other pressing matters.

Reschedule failed: he was forcibly dragged into a car and taken to the regional prosecutor’s office. An employee of the prosecutor’s office demanded Elena Kozlova Sergey Ryzhov explanation as to call an indefinite nationwide strike.

Giving explanations Sergey Ryzhov refused, and he was sent to the Deputy Attorney George Koren’kov Vitebsk region. There activist personally warned about administrative responsibility for organizing an unsanctioned rally and threatened with punishment by a fine or arrest.

Sergey Ryzhov said that the call to the prosecutor did not change his plans. It still offers all the residents of Belarus to begin an indefinite strike from July 3 — the this day go to the central square of his village. And on July 4, use any excuse not to go to work or school.

The objectives set out in circulation strikes Sergey Ryzhov — a «retirement Alexander Lukashenko, the release of political prisoners and the holding of new presidential election. «Tags:stock

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