Hungarian fug armored cars and pszhiv

In autumn 2012 on military-technical festival «Herbstanlass», which is held annually Swiss Army Museum (Full House), among different samples of armored vehicles have been submitted Hungarian FUG and PSZH-IV. Armored vehicles on display at the Festival of the Warsaw contract. According applets festival presented wheeled and tracked armored vehicles. FUG — Russian analogue of ARV and PSZH-IV — A unique armored vehicle.

Hungarian fug armored cars and pszhiv
Hungarian fug armored cars and pszhiv

FUG (Felderito Uszo Gerkosci) — light reconnaissance armored car, made in Hungary on the basis of those. making Russian BRDM-1. Hungarian Army adopted in 1964. FUG is similar in design to Russian cars, but the engine-transmission department placed in the stern of the armored car. In 1966, the FUG adopted the Army in Czechoslovakia and Poland.

Welded housing armored car made of armor plates of different thicknesses. In the frontal part of the thickness is 13 mm. The fighting compartment occupies the middle part of the body. The driver’s seat and the commander placed in front of him. A huge part of the roof is FUG armored bicuspid rectangular flap to enter the crew compartment. Each bead cutting crew compartment has two loopholes through which you can carry fire from the personal tools. In the stern of the armored car placed the engine-transmission unit where installed 100-horsepower 4-cylinder diesel engine «Csepel» D.414.44 water cooling.

FUG armored car has a two-axis chassis. But, like the Russian BRDM-1 FUG also has 4 small additional wheels that while driving on rough terrain lowered, thus improving throughput makarom machine. In the normal position, the training wheels are cleaned inside the body in half. Armored car has a system of centralized control of pressure in the tires.

At the rear of the housing for movement in the water there are two water-jet propulsion, and in the front of the case also has a baffle plate lifted.

FUG armored vehicle equipped with a system of protection against weapons of mass destruction. Armament armored 7.62 mm, mounted on the roof hatches on the front pivot installation.

Hungarian fug armored cars and pszhiv
Hungarian fug armored cars and pszhiv

On the basis of FUG created several versions: sanitary and recovery vehicle, machine also chemical, bacteriological and radiological investigation. In addition, in Czechoslovakia under the designation OT-65A is produced in-house modification of the machine. Its main difference is the presence of a rotating bashi tracked armored OT-62B M59T with a machine gun 7.62 mm. At some RT-65A on the right side of the tower mounted recoilless rifle T21 82-mm.

In Czechoslovakia, on the basis of FUG developed light armored troop-carrier PSZH-IV (also known under the designation OT-66) having a wheel formula 4 x 4. Its design is similar to that of Russian BRDM-2, but unlike it in PSZH-IV in the middle of the body are no training wheels, and more capacious welded housing used to house troops.

Hungarian fug armored cars and pszhiv

The jobs of the driver and commander are in the front, placed in the middle of the troop compartment, and in feed — power unit. Felling has a lightweight armored form, two-piece doors opening forward, there are both sides of the armored personnel carrier. In addition, each board has two loopholes for firing of small weapons. Over the fighting compartment installed spinning tower. Armament — twin KPVT (14.5mm) and FCT (7.62 mm). Ammo is respectively 500 and 2,000 rounds of ammunition. Bombardment vertically spectrum -5 ° .. +30 °, azimuth — radial. The gunner uses the periscope sight, his head displayed on the roof of the tower.

As FUG, armored car PSZH-IV is able to swim across water obstacles. For this purpose, the rear of the hull has two jet. The front part of the body is equipped with a baffle lifted the flap.

The composition of standard equipment includes an amplifier control drive system for protection against weapons of mass destruction, the radio and centralized tire pressure regulation. Apart from this, there are night-vision goggles.

Hungarian fug armored cars and pszhiv

On the basis of armored PSZH-IV was created two versions of the command-staff vehicle, machine chemical, radiological and bacteriological investigation, sanitary and recovery vehicle. Armored PSZH-IV entered service in the armies of the former socialist countries: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, East Germany, Hungary, and Bulgaria, and Iraq.

The main technical features FUG / PSZH-IV:

Wheel formula — 4×4;

Combat weight — 7.0 t / 7.6 m;

Length — 5700 mm;

Width — 2500 mm;

The height of the roof of the building — 1910 mm / -;

The height of the roof of the tower — 2250 mm/2310 mm;

Ground clearance — 340 mm/420 mm;

The highest speed on the highway — km/ch/80 87 km / h;

The stores range — 500 km;

Water speed — 9 km / h;

Engine power — 100 hp;

Tank capacity — 200 l;

Overcoming obstacles:

— Wall height — 400 mm;

— Growth — 60%

— The width of the trench — 1200 mm/600 mm;

Crew — 2 persons. / 3 people.

Marines — 4 pers. / 6 people.

Hungarian fug armored cars and pszhiv
Hungarian fug armored cars and pszhiv
Hungarian fug armored cars and pszhiv
Hungarian fug armored cars and pszhiv

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