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February 13, 2012 13:29

In the Chelyabinsk region identified one of the most mysterious creatures in the history of mankind. It is a mysterious humanoid, known worldwide under the name «Alexis». And unlike many of the mystical mysteries — this is not speculation, based solely on the testimony of witnesses, and the undeniable, documented footage and medical reports is a fact. The story is long, and therefore present it briefly without any details.

Strange humanoid creature found in 1996 in a village near Kyshtym. First discovered humanoid local crazy. «Walking» at night in the cemetery, she saw the lonely churchyard near the baby and decided to take him home.

The old woman called him «Alexis» and began to look for a humanoid creature, as a foster son. However, the village rumors that her grandmother «aggravated mental illness» and soon she was taken to a psychiatric hospital. Curiosity, a few days in the house of a local thief got mad, but the creature was already dead. Appear to have died of starvation …

Then the man decided to sell in alcohol and monster, but not in time. Soon the thief was caught stealing, and on the other to avoid punishment decided to give the «alien mummy» investigator … as a bribe. Policeman named Bendlin of the «gift» has refused, but in a legal way, «mummy» is still flawed.

Surprised by the unusual appearance of the deceased «baby», Bendlin mummy sent for examination. After examining the body, the pathologist Stanislav Samoshkin, made a sensational conclusion — the creature has no relation to the human mind: «The head is built as a water lily, helmet shape and is made up of only four bony plates. A human skull consists of six plates, how he or mutant monster was. Bones are cartilaginous, and quite normal, tubular. That the human infant is simply impossible. » Pathologist suggested that the creature may be an unknown animal science. His words were confirmed by the local gynecologist.

Bendlin prudently filmed on camera and mummy, and his private investigation. It turned out that another living creature daughter saw an old woman. Here is how she described the meeting with him, «I saw a tiny little monster. Onion dome head. Instead of the lips — a hole in them two tooth. Unnaturally white skin, and the hands and feet claws. No chin, genitals and navel too. He looked at me without blinking. » While Alexis could itself move.

By the way, according to the testimony daughter, «alien» only ate sweets: cottage cheese, condensed milk, caramel, and drinking only sweetened water.

Later Bendlin advised to go to the «experts» in the «Star Academy UFO» from the city of Kamensk-Ural. So he did. After his call, in Kyshtym people came and took the mummy «Alexis», ostensibly for research. More creature never seen. Disappeared and the people taken away, «Alexis.» Only a few years later the journalists managed to track down one of the «member» of abduction, but she said that the mummy has long been in the FSB and the find turned everything perspective on our world. However, these data declassify intelligence will not.

The first to carry out journalistic investigation of the Ural ET, reporters came two Japanese channels. They did the stranger «Alexis» is known throughout the world. Footage from their stories have been featured in almost all the known channels of the world. At the moment, there are many versions of who it was this mysterious creature. However, none of them confirmed.

More interesting: 1) The remaining diapers «Alexis» made it possible to analyze the genetic substance. Three independent examination showed that in samples taken no human genes. Later it was held, and the fourth, the state examination, but it is nothing strange in the genes, «Alexis» is not found. In conclusion, the scientists stated that the samples belong to the «human embryo female» 2) According to the UFO from «Kosmopoisk» Kyshtym is one of the most popular cities in the world the aliens. Each year, local residents see dozens of unexplained phenomena and UFOs. Searchers of extraterrestrial life, say in one of the mountain peaks near Kyshtym may be an entire database of aliens. However, this is only speculation. 3) The «good soul» Bendlin first group of Japanese journalists gave the footage for free, and the other sold for $ 200. His wife, the money bought a wardrobe and cleave sticker «Made in Japan» 4) In the early 2000s, the Japanese took the initiative to put in Kyshtym monument «Alexis», but the project never came to fruition. 5) there is a similar «Alexis» is located in South America. The last time «relative» «Kyshtymskoye alien» found in Chile in 2003. However, this «Mummy» soon disappeared without a trace. 6) Now Bendlin retired major and works to protect one of the plants. Crazy old woman Tamara Prosvirina tragically died under mysterious circumstances.

Video inspection of «alien»:

 The remains of the alien-tasking.

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