Nato secretarygeneral has put russia in the example of the european members of nato

RIA Announcements. Secretary-general NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen has expressed concern that the 20 NATO member states have reduced defense spending in the period 2008 — 2011, pointing out all of this to the fact that our motherland wants to double the increment its defense spending by 2020.»This year the cost Asian countries for the first time will exceed the costs of the European allies NATO. Our homeland and plans to double defense spending over the next decade, «- he said, speaking on Friday at the Brussels Forum.

According to Rasmussen, the reduction of the European members NATO defense spending «will have consequences for our security tomorrow» and the ability to NATO as a military alliance.

Russian army in 2012 began a complete re, which, again, will affect the troops aerospace defense, the Strategic Missile Forces mission, the Air Force and the Navy. The development and modernization, rearmament and modernization of the fleet and the military-industrial complex stands 22 trillion rubles.

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