Nato secretarygeneral of the russian federation has criticized the ballistic missile


General secretary NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen referred to the Russian program from the development of intercontinental ballistic missiles «Futile waste of funds,» which provides an «outdated thinking» in Moscow, reports the newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

Speaking in London, Rasmussen said that NATO is not a threat to the Russian Federation, also said that the invitation to Moscow for cooperation on missile defense is proof of that. NATO offers RF do two are independent missile defense system, which will be established between the exchange of information.

Constant representative RF NATO Dmitry Rogozin said that Moscow is not going to listen to the words Fogh Rasmussen, because the objectives and characteristics of programs to develop weapons is the sovereign of all Russia. «We will ensure that our defense out there and where and what we see fit,» — the words Rogozin «Interfax».

At the current time our homeland is developing and testing several new types of ballistic missiles. Among them, namely, there is rocket submarine-launched «Bulava», which lured tests public attention because of a string of unsuccessful launches.

Since 2013, the Ministry of Defense plans to virtually double the increment output ballistic missiles different radii act. For mass creation of systems «Bulava», «Yars» and «Iskander-M» 2020 will allocate 15 billion rubles. It is also clear that by 2013, the Defense Ministry plans to complete work on the newest liquid intercontinental ballistic missile that will change consisting in service types.

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