Second life light machine gun degtyarev

Where the law of any country allows more or less free circulation of small arms weapons among the population, the manufacturers thereof are beginning to offer a variety of ideas. Among them are unique, such as severe refining models of weapons of old times. In the United States some popular «grazhdanizirovannye» small samples of an old gun. Some private companies take out tool, applied armies, and lead it into compliance with the law. First, alteration exposed trigger mechanism: by the laws of South American citizens can not possess an automatic weapon. Yet, this does not prevent release of AA and even self-loading PCA.

Second life light machine gun degtyarev

A couple of years back tried to crank out a similar scheme the company DS Arms. Selection of unusual instruments fell on Russian machine gun Degtyarev (RAP). This gun was developed in the years majestically Russian war, but the troops came only after the victory. As for the next 15-20 years, he was the main Russian army machine gun and comes in a number of foreign countries. In addition, in 1958, shortly before the substitution of machine gun Degtyarev machine gun Kalashnikov (PKK), the license for the RPD received Poland. According to reports, particularly from Poland DS Arms buys guns for trouble.

Acquired from Poland guns undergo little configuration, then lose the ability to fire bursts. For this little redesigns automation and shooting now from closed, not open the gate. Loss of automatic fire, of course, changed the very kind of raps, but the details of the legislation overpowered all the reasons for the preservation of the initial functionality. Yet, band power corresponding to the box for the tape and the native «underweight» remained without changes. Converted gun began to sell under the name Ruchnoy Pulemet Degtyarova Rifle (RPD-Rifle). According to the armory of systematization, RAP became semi-automatic rifle with a belt-fed. Unique alteration famous guns intrigued potential buyers. But all the same demand was noticeably smaller than we want. Office of the DS Arms had to choose between preserving the authenticity and market prospects. And chose the last option.

Second life light machine gun degtyarev

Gunsmiths company launched a project RPD v.2.0 or RPD-Carbine. «The second version of the» machine-gun Degtyareva involves a number of design configurations that were designed to modernize the appearance and functionality of an old machine gun. The receiver and all its innards remain the same — the chosen market orientation does not influenced by the mechanics. But the native trunk RPD has been replaced by a new one. RPD v.2.0 is equipped with the smallest barrel length than the original. Also trunk «second version» has longitudinal fins on the outer surface. It immediately improves and simplifies the design of the cooling at the same parameters of shooting. In addition, RPD-Carbine finally got a real flash hider.

Where configuration has undergone enormous outdoor ‘underweight’ guns. So, instead of the standard wood stock and pistol grip RPD v.2.0 equipped with plastic. With all of this telescoping buttstock is made and similar to those that are installed on a number of modern automatic rifles. Another part of the initial tree light machine gun Degtyarev — forearm — has given way to modern Duralumin unit. According to the trends arms production shortly, forearm area with 2-mja Picatinny rail. According deflotu on slats installed collimator sight (top) and «tactical» handle with integrated bipod. It is necessary to draw attention to the change of venue for the sight. Raps on the unique open sight

Second life light machine gun degtyarev

placed on the front of the receiver cover. For the introduction to the high-velocity weapons, called on virtually watered enemy bullets, it was ok. Receiver cover when firing constantly moving and made it difficult to pinpoint fire, which, however, offset by the dispersal of bullets. For semi-automatic weapons, sold in the market criteria, this was unacceptable. Because men have suffered from DS Arms sight with the receiver cover on the shank. Yes, due to the transfer and reduce the length of the barrel length decreased sighting band using open sights. But the red-dot sighting device from that transfer is not exacerbated their properties. As for the front handle, it’s not just a fad in recent years. It immediately makes two functions. When shooting an arrow with it more convenient to keep the RPD-Carbine, and if necessary, from the middle of the pen, he can pull out a folding bipod. A sort of universalization «underweight» for shooting from different positions. In the end, DS Arms did little more comfortable-machine gun ammunition supply semi-automatic rifle. One-piece band at 100 rounds RPD v.2.0 is not stored in a steel or plastic container, and in particular the bag shape, made of synthetic fabric. In addition to winning the title this reduced the noise produced by the band.

According to the results of all the configurations in the main exterior of an old raps good thing came true modern, as it is called, assault tool. Modern «underweight» and extensively vserasprostranenny crotch 7.62 × 39 mm cartridge, by the views of representatives DS Arms, can make RPD v.2.0, inexpensive, good and competitive candidate on types of guns in its class. With all of this with the hope of a special South American gunsmiths are looking at countries where the RPD is still in service. In the future, instead of buying new guns, these countries may order a DS Arms alteration of existing and save a lot of money. Highlights the fact that the alteration of the RAP, RPD-Carbine is not necessary to remove the automatic fire.

Second life light machine gun degtyarev

But the South American gunsmiths not braked by the substitution of only one trunk and external parts. After the completion of the «modernization» of the machine gun Degtyarev, DS Arms developed a set of measures to reshape RPD-Carbine ammo for x43 6.8 mm Remington SPC. For this purpose, the machine gun stopped another barrel, a new bolt that is different from the ordinary mass, and the other revertible spring. Selecting an alternative cartridge for RPD v.2.0 was justified features design office «Remington». In comparison with other crotch 6,8 x43 mm cartridges have the best characteristics of an effective firing range and acts on a target. This new cartridge is not widely spread, but a number of states have an interest in them. For example, in 2009 6,8 Remington SPC cartridge wa s adopted for the Imperial Guard Jordan. Soon after that it was reported that the Jordanian intelligence services are enthusiastic to 6.8-mm version of the RPD v.2.0. The enthusiasm of the Jordanians to version specifically for the gun cartridge 6,8 x43 just to clarify ballistic performance cartridge. Remington SPC has almost the same recoil impulse and muzzle energy as the 7.62 x 39 mm — 5.8 kg-m / s vs. 5.9 kg-m / s and 2330 versus 2190 J J respectively. But at a distance shot about 500 meters difference in energy of the bullet is 40% in favor of the «Remington». So Makar, the smallest caliber and a little big muzzle energy of the bullet makes a 6.8-mm cartridge for more efficient spectrum ranges. It is interesting that the installation of 6.8-mm bore and fit for him the gate has no effect on other units and aggregates of a machine gun. For example, you can use remingtonovskim chuck an old iron one-piece tape that was already used in the earliest versions of Russian RAP.

As we see, in relation to usual DS Arms company was able to give a second life to almost-forgotten but fascinating weapons. In this commercial project, initially aimed at the civilian market, eventually turned into a major undertaking international scale. Regarding public purchasing RPD v.2.0 zabugornom countries — the same Jordan — no official disk imaging. Yet, a civilian semi-automatic version of the light machine gun Degtyarev a couple of years is on the market and go with it is going. At the current time, at least some hope, of course, subject to all the legal formalities can purchase both versions of alterations raps from DS Arms. For RPD-Rifle they require 2,100 bucks, but for «rifle» — 2850.

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