The general director of izhmash elaborated plans for the development of small businesses and holding for the coming years

After completing a preliminary summing-up, the work on the Izhmash, crisis team began the detailed elaboration of development plans for 2012 year and more than future prospects.

In the near future, the enterprise group expects completion association in NGOs «Izhmash» and the transfer of all contracts in the newly made structure. It is planned that enterprise during the receivership will be able to buy everything needed for the production of core assets, to save all the manufacturing units of new production chains and available jobs, with all this to get rid of the ballast outdated equipment.

Zagadannoy newest team of «Izhmash» modernization also has already started. In the first half of 2012, planned to buy new equipment for weapons-grade areas: the draft stipulates the purchase of high-pressing and stamping equipment with computer control the total amount of 58 million rubles. Recently, over the introduction of creation progressive blanks, which will allow a 3-fold decrease labor-intensive machining parts and 2.5 times — the time for their ready. In the coming 3-5 years are also planned update plating, foundry-thermal and other production sites.

In the middle of the planned innovations will be tested and implemented in 2012, and advanced nano-composite coatings. Especially for the development of this field in the Izhmash seasoned experts at work, come from Rosatom, asking for help Innovative solutions and their implementation. Already we can talk about the preparation for testing 2 kinds of unique nanocomposite coating. In the coming term, their properties will be tested by the most experienced swatches, then they will start a series creation. Nanocomposite coatings can be used in a gun and machine-tool industry. Presentation of the first products and unique parameters of nano held at the end of the industrial tests.

And objectives of the Company specified in the development of arms production. Design and technology center tasked to introduce a «through» design, ie product run in creation in fact right from your computer. All documentation is now being done in contemporary design programs distributed embedded development prototyping from 3D models, which allows you to quickly create seasoned standards for product testing and fast start-up. With these technological innovations in 2012 is planned on the platform of the new AK-12 to create a modern sniper rifle, submachine gun, submachine gun with a short barrel and a few samples of civilian guns.

Many innovations planned in the development of sports guns. Namely, is currently negotiating with the management of Russian national team in biathlon for the design and production rework existing models biathlon rifles, developing modern training facilities for biathlon athletes. In the middle of the coming challenges and prospects for the creation of their service team to accompany the biathlon, which will do the puzzles on personal fabrication sporting guns, repairs and service for events and gatherings.

General Director of «Izhmash» Maxim Kuzyuk will continue to work in the field and expanding markets. According to estimates of professionals, supply Saiga-12 in units of the security forces of the United States will raise Izhevsk guns in America by 20-25% increment and exports of sporting and hunting guns to 590 million rubles. Great attention will be paid to other external markets. In cooperation with Rosoboronexport planned to implement the agreements to customers in approximately 30 countries in Latin America, North Africa and the Pacific. These intentions were approved during the last visit of the Minister for Izhmash.

In the domestic market will increase sales of sporting and hunting guns to 786 million rubles. During the year, consumers will be presented new modifications ohotkarabina «Los 10» chambered in .308 Win, the combined stream «Wolf,» carbine «Bear» in a new caliber, small-caliber rifle in economy performance, new versions of «Saiga-12», as well air rifles Biathlon-7-5 in a new implementation.

To implement the ambitious plans enterprise now extensively engaged in attracting young professionals and skilled professional workers. In 2011, the efforts of the Director General of the NGO «Izhmash» managed to make a closer partnership with IzhSTU plant, more than 30 people were able to cooperate and practical training career. At the end of the stage of development there is programm motivation of young cadres to be designed to increase the attractiveness of the enterprise in the middle of the graduates of technical universities. Now the HR department is ready to take on the work of 250 people, including trained service engineers and programmers CNC machine tools, industrial engineers and craftsmen sites.

More attention in 2012 brand new crisis management team and will give the development of small holding guns, led Izhmash. Now besides holding Izhmash includes the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, Vyatskie Polyanskii plant «Hammer», KBAL them. L.N.Koshkina and THREAD Progress. Before the year is planned to create and approve the GC «Russian Technologies» program from the joint development of small holding. As part of her will be provided not only a measure of industrial cooperation, and deep reorganization of the holding companies for their effective joint action. «With such a strong crisis management team that has successfully established itself in the past year, We can allow ourselves to put the fundamental objectives for this year and next year and be confident that we will achieve them, «- said Maxim Kuzyuk.

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