Ancient slavic calendar data

How much did not argue the scientists and how fiercely they did not prove their case, the truth they are no longer able to hide. For the data given here has been tested and can not be questioned, and the calendar of the ancient Slavs in their grants much faster than all the others and has its roots in the mists of time, to the point, which still did not dream theorists Darwin.

Let’s start with the title. The concept of calendar did not appear by accident, and it is no accident that in all languages it sounds the same. Calendar for all the peoples of the planet earth was given to the Slavic-Aryan race, and he called them KolyadyDar. Title of a book which describes all the ways of chronology and history of the appearance and of the Calendar (KalyadyDar) and measures the values measured in various formats.

The full name of the calendar of the ancient Slavs, namely the very chronology KalyadyDar Da’Ariysky Krugolet Chisloboga.

To date this calendar are only Conservatives — the representatives of the most ancient Slavic-Aryan Faith — Ingliizma. The widespread use of our ancient calendar stopped a little over 300 years ago, when Tsar Peter I issued a decree imposed on the territory of Russia the Gregorian calendar and ordered the night of January 1, 1700 to celebrate the advent of the birth of Jesus Christ. And in Russia at the 7208 Summer time passed from the Creation in the Star Temple.

It is considered that this innovation has been the progress of Peter I of Russia, introduction to its «European culture.» But I did not say that the emperor is not simply reversed the calendar, he actually «stole» a minimum of five and a half thousand years of our true history. Indeed, under the event, which was conducted by counting years — Creation of the World, Star Temple (5508 BC), implying the creation of the universe is not the biblical God, but literally: the signing of a peace treaty in the year of Star Temple at Krugoletu Chisloboga after winning Power Great Race (in the modern sense — Russia) over the empire by Ahriman, the kingdom of the Dragon (in modern — China). By the way, the symbolic image of a rider on a white horse and spearing a dragon, known in Christian tradition as George actually represents just the victory. That is why it has long been a symbol of honor and so widespread in Russia among the Slavic-Aryan peoples.

The question naturally arises as to what is the chronology of events was carried out before the world in the Star Temple? The answer is obvious — the earlier a significant event. Moreover, in parallel to start counting years from different events. That’s right, by mentioning several time intervals and began the ancient chronicles. For example, we present some dating from the birth of 2009.

— Summer 7517 from the Creation in the Star Temple

— 13017 Summer of the Great cold snap

— 44553 Summer of the Great Creation Colo Russenia

— Summer 106 787 from the base of the Asgard Erie

— Summer 111 815 from the Great Migrations of Daarija

— Summer period from 142,999 Three Moons

— Summer 153,375 from Assa Dei

— Summer Time 185,775 from Thule

Summer 604,383 from Time Three Suns, etc.

Is for all modern historians and other Darwinists dating looks fantastic. But for the strong-minded person who is interested in the ancient cultural heritage of the peoples of the Earth, such «gap years» do not look so very scary. It is not only the Slavic-Aryan Vedas, but also quite numerous surviving monuments of ancient Slavic script across the earth are mentioned far more long stretches of historical time. On the same facts point and unbiased archaeological and paleo-astronomical research.

Speaking of injury to write articles will be interesting to recall that in the pre-Petrine times in Russia to denote the numerical values used no figures, as is customary, and letters titlovannye, ie Slavic letters with special symbols. And as the calendar — it’s a tradition in writing (just try to lead and orally transmitted from generation to generation is so complex and dynamic array of information), it is clear that until the time of Peter I of Russia on the script already existed, at least more than seven thousand years . However, it is believed that writing was «invented» especially for us illiterate, two Greek monks, Cyril and Mifodiem which only added to our alphabet several Greek letters instead of confusing them diphthongs. And, modestly speaking, surprising all the growing pomp during the annual «Cyril mefodievnikov» and «birthday» of Slavic Literature.

Now, since we use the modern calendar (AD), it is wise to use it only for the events of the last three hundred years. A more ancient events, for a clear understanding of their nature, should be dated in the system of chronology, which was used until 1700. You may be a misinterpretation of our history, culture, traditions and customs. Causes sincere regret dating before Peter’s in modern textbooks. For example, the year the Ice on Lake Peipus called 1242, and at that time in Russia was 6750 year. Or, for example, a year of baptism of Kiev said 988 of the birth of Jesus Christ. But in Kiev then noted Summer 6496 from the Creation in the Star Temple.

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