Data in the report on the causes of death of cheonan seems fabricated

The staff of the Institute of Virginia (USA) and the Institute of Manitoba (Canada), scion of Hong Lee (Seung-Hun Lee) and Pansok Yang (Panseok Yang) pointed out the inconsistencies in the official report of the international group of professionals, who investigated the incident flooded the South Korean Navy corvette «Cheonan».

Corvette recall sank in the Yellow Sea in March this year, during joint exercises United States and South Korea. In an international commission designed to investigate the incident that led to the death of 46 people, included Korean, English, South American, Swedish and Australian spices. Its report was posted on May 20, the premise of death «Cheonan» was named the attack by North Korea.

Data in the report on the causes of death of cheonan seems fabricated

The rise of «Cheonan» on the surface (photo by Choi Jae-ku, Yonhap-AP).

The report was apparently criticized by the opposition and representatives of North Korea from South Korea. The tenth of June, for example, the Seoul human rights organization People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy sent an open letter to the UN Security Council with eight questions to the text of the report and six practical observations regarding the ways of the commission. Now the Security Council meeting may be taken by the final statement of «Cheonan», a draft of which was reportedly contains no direct accusations in the address North Korea.

The conclusions of the report are based on the creators of the results of the study fragments (presumably) North Korean torpedo found near death «Cheonan». One of the «evidence» was marking the torpedo, and confirmed the suspicions of professionals analyze the substance taken from the surface of its screws (A1). The standards for comparison were also taken from the sunken ship (A2) and the inner surface of the dural plate (A3), which covered an iron tank with seawater used in the experiment — low-power test explosion. The studies were conducted spectroscopic (electron-dispersive spectroscopy, EDS) and X-ray diffraction methods.

Data in the report on the causes of death of cheonan seems fabricated
Data in the report on the causes of death of cheonan seems fabricated

The torpedo and markings on it (photo Yonhap-Reuters, AP).

The results of EDS, as the report notes, for all three samples of approximately similar and exhibit identical characteristics of signals corresponding to aluminum and oxygen, and this proves that the substance with torpedoes and «Cheonan» also experienced the impact of the explosion. X-ray analysis to interpret the data more difficult: there is the study of 2-above samples traces of aluminum or its oxide was found. Experts explained to the fact that during the explosion aluminum melts, and the next cooling, the amorphous Al2O3, which does not give a clear picture of the diffraction of X-rays.

Lord Lee and Yang tried to reproduce these results by conducting their own experiments on the heating and melting of aluminum and a sharp cooling of it in the water. As it turned out, these criteria do not appear amorphous and the crystalline oxide, and the results of measurements of X-ray analysis of the data resemble the standard A3, but very different from the data for A1 and A2. In addition, EDS-study showed that the ratio of the peak intensities of oxygen and aluminum for standard A3 was probably just faked. In own experiments and Yan Li obtained value of about 0.25, whereas A3 declared value 0.81.

Approximately the same meanings indicated in the case of A1 and A2. Mod creators executed EDS spectra revealed that the ratio of the intensities correspond to an identical no aluminum oxide as its hydroxide Al (OH) 3 (gibbsite). With all of this, be aware that aluminum hydroxide in the explosion process does not appear, in other words, if these commissions are correct, the results of measurements of features A1 and A2, no matter the explosion do not have.

The discontent caused physicists and the fact that the Commission refused to issue the standard pieces of A3, citing the fact that they just left. Clarification really looks amazing, as EDS and X-ray diffraction techniques are non-destructive and require a mass of tiny samples of a few milligrams, formed by the explosion of a test substance would be enough for a few measurements.

«The International Commission shall assure the scientific community is that all the data displayed in the report are correct, — concluded the creators. — In the meantime, the official conclusion of the North Korean torpedo explosion and sinking of «Cheonan» could be considered null and void. »

Data in the report on the causes of death of cheonan seems fabricated

The results of EDS for everyday dural standard (left) and standard heat-treated to a sharp cooling of the (illustration creators).

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