Forgotten transportation routes


Forgotten transportation routes

In our country, until the nineteenth century freight were carried out only in a traffic aqua transport. Hardly a very small part of cargo carried by land. Specifically, this fact is related to the placement of the main towns and settlements which have a rather longish story.

Over time, the appearance of highways significantly affected the vexed question: what is transporting cargo use. In a more advantageous position were land transport. But traffic on the roads have not been able to oust absolutely Aqua transport. Take, for example, rivers located in the north of the country, even at the current time in Norilsk can only be reached over the Yenisei. If you look at the inhabitants of Norilsk, it’s actually the people cut off from the continent. Regardless, even at that fact, that in this town one of the biggest salaries in the country, they have not become a money center.

Auto road — it is indeed the future for all the inhabitants. Without looking at the fact that transportation in highways is much more expensive, if transportation by water transport goods by river or other forms of aquatic transport is outdated, and more precisely to say, absolutely destroyed the mechanism. Many companies make the carriers focus on the development of good routes by land transport, and virtually no one remembers the other shipping way, even if it is necessary to deliver a chocolate fountain for a long distance.

As an example of a very catchy lead hunt fact that deliver load from St. Petersburg to Moscow, easier and cost more advisable to make a wagon-long measures, if than a barge. All of the problem is that the main cost here is the transport of cargo to the most concrete barges and costs of unloading and delivery to the recipient.

Naturally, it is very sad that Aqua transport losing its way, but clearly demonstrate the economic feasibility than the more profitable and advisable to take advantage. Simply you will be able to calculate what cash costs you will incur if you carry aqua transport chocolate fountain. Rent a car for these purposes, as well as possible.

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