Physics explained the process of separation of the soul from the body from the point of quantum mechanics

It is not excluded, scientists believe that consciousness has always existed in the universe — from the moment of its inception

Physics explained the process of separation of the soul from the body from the point of quantum mechanics

The material basis of idealism

Not find evidence of survivors of clinical death and allegedly flew to the «other world.» They saw themselves on the side swept through some tunnel communicated with strange beings … near death experience (near-death experience: NDE — in English acronym) — the name of this phenomenon.

But what did he show? This issue has recently once again excited progressive society after she met with a sensational statement by Professor Stuart Hameroff (Dr Stuart Hameroff) of the Department of Anesthesiology and Psychology, University of Arizona (Department of Anesthesiology and Psychology at the University of Arizona) and concurrently Director Center for the Study of consciousness at the same University (Director of the Centre of Consciousness Studies). And he said that human consciousness does not disappear without a trace after his death, and literally absorbed into the fabric of the universe. And supposedly the mechanism for implementation of the process embedded in our nervous system.

Materialists denied the existence of the soul — an immaterial substance, which repeat idealists. And that, in their belief, the death leaves the physical body, but may return. As is the case with temporary dead — those who stood on the threshold of «the other side». So materialistic, explaining NDE, sin only kind hallucinations generated by the dying brain.

Hameroff is, in fact, filled with matter idealistic view. Said about the physical processes associated with moving shower. So maybe, in fact all of us in addition to the visible world, there is a different one? One in which inhabit the soul left the body? Or even God himself, the kingdom which is known to be «not of this world»?

Stuart Hameroff asskazyvaet, which flies the human soul

Quantum Soul

Interpreting NDE on the air Science (Program Through the Wormhole), Stuart Hammer said that the human brain is a quantum computer, our consciousness — a sort of its software, and the soul — the information accumulated at the quantum level.

According to the anesthesiologist, quantum information can not be destroyed. Therefore, after the body dies, it merges with the universe. And there can be infinitely long.

— This information is the soul — says Hameroff.

If the patient is resurrected, the soul returns from space. And the animated man tells of a tunnel, bright light and how to come out of his body.

All the matter in the ducts

Stuart Hameroff and his colleague Sir Roger Penrose — the famous British physicist and mathematician at Oxford University have developed and are now advocating the so-called quantum theory of consciousness. According to this quasi-religious theory, the human mind, accordingly, the quantum nature.

The main thing in the new theory that the media are consciousness — is located inside neurons protein microtubules (microtubules), which primarily diverted modest role reinforcement and intracellular transport channels.

Schematic representation of a neuron with microtubules

Hameroff in 1987 in his book «Ultimate Computing» suggested that microtubules are undervalued. Neurons that do not, and they accumulate and process information. Then the professor convinced in Penrose, who himself was thinking about the fact that the concept of the brain it’s time to reconsider. And look at these quantum component.

Now the scientists argue: microtubules in structure best suited to be the bearers of the quantum properties of the brain. Because they can keep for a long time, the quantum states — that is, working quantum computer.

— When the heart stops supplying blood to the brain, the microtubules seemed to run down, — says Hameroff. — However, the information stored in them, not destroyed, not lost, but goes into space.

The structure of microtubules tdelnoy

Carriers of quantum information and, therefore, the soul, according to the professor, woven of some material, «is much more fundamental than neurons — the very fabric of the universe.»

— I think that consciousness, or what preceded it, has always existed in the universe, — says Hameroff. — Probably, since the Big Bang, «- he says.

Bundles of microtubules under the microscope


Lord God — the programmer?

Now, scientists are increasingly experimenting with so-called quantum computers in which data carriers — elementary particles. In the future, they need to increase the capacity and performance of computer systems to the supernatural level. It is no coincidence the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2012 was awarded for the development of technologies to manipulate quantum systems. Its got Serge Arocha and David Uaynlend.

— With the quantum computers of the future we will be able to do calculations that can not be obtained in another way, — said on this occasion Professor Mark Eriksson, head of the physics department of the University of Wisconsin.

But here’s a question: to what extent can improve the quantum super-computer? It asked myself Seth Lloyd of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Himself and answered. Like, obviously, that would naimoschneyshim device that will involve all the particles in the universe. And they — protons, neutrons, electrons, and other little things, according to scientists, about 10 to 90 degree. And if these particles have been involved since the Big Bang, it is already committed to 10 in the 120-degree logic operations. It is so much that can not be imagined. In comparison, all of the computers during its existence made less than 10 in 30-degree operation. And all the information about a person, with its many individual quirks recorded about 10 degrees to 25 bits.

Then Lloyd thought that if the universe is already someone’s computer? Then, he reasoned, everything inside it, including us — part of the computational process. Or its product … So, somewhere there must be a programmer.

Lloyd suggests that the original person is invested not only information in the form of the soul, and yet the program. Special — the ability to educate themselves and improve. What, in fact, talk Hameroff Penrose. Even explained so it is transmitted, and then withdrawn. Indicate carriers accumulated information that appears to have disappeared without a trace.

Theoretically, to put a human soul-program, a lot of space is not necessary. A single chromosome. Hameroff Penrose mention numerous microtubules. Maybe they store data in abundance? And not only on the owner of microtubules?


Long ago, in another universe …

Sir Roger Penrose is also known for the fact that he found a forerunner of our universe. Together with and Vahan Gurzadyan of the Yerevan Physics, he came to the conclusion that there was another universe before. Previous.

Scientists investigated the so-called cosmic microwave background radiation, the microwave background left over from the Big Bang, and stores the information about the origin of the universe and its evolution. Against this background, found strange heterogeneity, which looked in concentric circles.

Penrose and Gurzadyan say: circles — not out of our space-time. This marks the collision of enormous gravity — supermassive black holes that formed in the Universe at the end of last of its existence. That is, until «our» Big Bang.

If you believe the scientists, the universe comes succession — one after another. And the end is the beginning of the previous follow-up.

The main conclusion: the universe is cyclical.

— In the future, our universe will return to the state in which it was at the time of the Big Bang — says Penrose. — Is smooth. And from the infinitely large will turn back into the infinitesimal. And black holes evaporate.

I wonder how this process will lead to the souls that are in the universe? Will it turn into a new one?

Vladimir Lagowski
Category: Life after death, reincarnation

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