Svarog circle impact on peoples lives

A great impact on human life and nature have different energies moons, which move along their paths around Midgard and other land shading or adding radiation from the Lands, sun and stars. Particularly important influence on mental human activities Yarylo-sun, especially the harmonious flow of particles (neutrinos), and the man — is the only living structure, living on Midgard, which tends to delay this harmonious flow in your body.

Svarog Circle impact on people’s lives

Neutrino as a particle can fly through the moon, any land, and getting to a person, it stops, and the body it accumulates. This radiation is necessary for mental activity and control of the nervous system. But man, some of animals that live in different elements are also able to retain some of the neutrino. (Beast does so only partially).

In the water element is the dolphins, orcas, whales, octopus, in the air — eagles, falcons, eagles, owls, owls, ravens. The earth element — coma (bears), a family of cats (lions, Parthy, leopard, tiger, lynx), wolf and part dog. Therefore, in the Old Slavonic-Aryan traditions above the animal world are endowed with wisdom and assistants are considered gods. They appear on the ornaments on clothing items, weapons. It is believed that the animals of the water element — is Navneet Wisdom (World of Glory). Fauna of the earth element — is Wisdom Explicit (of the World Reveal). Birds — Wisdom is flawless (from the World of the Government). Alien serpent symbolized wisdom and wisdom transcends boundaries of understanding the common man.

Effect of Long, stars, the sun and the land comes on every table affecting 27,360 male and 27,360 female seats. At the center: 246,240 male and 246,240 female seats. At the palace: 2,216,160 male and 2,216,160 female seats. On Svarog Circle: 35,458,560 men and 35,458,560 women seats. Total 70,917,120 people.

In no time at Svarog Circle displayed much character as displayed on the number of jiffies male and female places Svarog Circle. One moment = 760 Migov (1sek. = 2484.34 mH), ie in one moment of time on the river, which is displayed in Svarog Circle born 760? 70.917.120 = 53.896.011.200 individuals with its unique destiny and its own unique character. These individual souls tend to manifest on Earth in the World Reveal, which, in turn, the sun, stars, earth and moon will add additional properties of character.

Each embodied soul is a particular matrix, which contains information from the Goddess of Jiva, and complements it with the patron god Rod. In ancient times in the Midgard-earth at the same time living up to 21-24 billion souls, and on earth Oreya (Mars) to 50 billion Shower on Earth Dei (now the asteroid belt) — 30 billion, but the two souls are born in one second from two women in the same house will have different fates, as there is a difference in moments, jiffies, sigah. In addition, they have different Star-Lord, all sorts, dad and mom. The souls of their ancestors belonged to a different star system, each star system at the highest Divine level has its roots.

A man also affect Vyšna Gods, Gods patrons, lords gods, gods of Advocates, Gods Master. They provide spiritual and emotional support to a person in his life. They help when you need the influence of the dark forces. But as it was not going to influence and help from the stars, the sun, the land, Lung, Elemental Gods, ancestors still the man himself determines how he do owe Rod, because universal law: Freedom of choice for achieving goals vysshney promotion «Golden ladder» of development.

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