Igor panarin on the development of the information special forces of the russian federation

Igor panarin on the development of the information special forces of the russian federation

1.Informatsionno-ideological doctrine of.

In many centuries more than a weak link of Russian statehood was informational and ideological sphere, which led to the fact that the country twice in the 20th century, broke into pieces.

Because for the successful development of Russian statehood purposefully taking State Ideologies (Three D: Spirituality, the Sovereign, Virtue) and the establishment of the Special organizational management and information-analytical framework (tool) which will be able to develop and conduct information operations (defensive and offensive) in the global information and ideological sphere.

Of, in order to become a center of spiritual, moral and economic attraction of Eurasia, you must:

1.Dostignut dominance in the information space of the Russian Federation of spiritual and moral values.

2.Perekryt spread in the global information space of negative articles about of, intentionally distorting its traditions and history.

3.Kult violence and ruthlessness of the Russian Federation on television should be replaced by the cult of spirituality, knowledge and creativity.

The main problem — this is an obvious «stalling» organizational and management decisions in the field of information after the adoption in 2000 of the Doctrine of Information Security of the Russian Federation, in the criteria for strengthening the global information confrontation and economic competition in the world. Yavna underestimation of the role of the information component of modern civilization and the inability to conduct effective informational confrontation in the criteria of increased competition in the modern world, which was clearly demonstrated in August 2008 and December 2011.

August in Libya showed that the strategy of information warfare is constantly being improved. In the period from 20 to 23 August 2011, during the storming of the Libyan capital of Tripoli was carried out a series of operations information on the effects of war on the population of the entire planet. So much so, that Qatar had made sets (models) of the central area of Tripoli, where costumed actors Tipo rejoiced victory over Gaddafi. Productions produced officers BBC BBC — British information-ideological center, deliberately working against Russia.

Because the world situation is asked to respond adequately to the Russian Federation, through the creation of information devices reflect anger.

2.Sistema the information counter of.

RF need a reasonable system, the information counter, adequate realities of the time, aiming for the future development of the network of the Web, which includes both the municipal structure and personal.

The main components of the system:

1. Council of the Presidential Council on Information and ideological policy, including the executive branch, all the factions in the State Duma, representatives of business and civilian society.

2. Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation on the information counter.

3. Municipal Internet Holding.

4.Vneshnepolitichesky municipal media holding company responsible for the formation of a positive kind of in the world and is accountable to the President of Russia.

5.Komitet information security of the Russian Federation (information security, counter-intelligence service information, Situation Analysis and Forecast Center, Bureau Information Special Forces).

The system has to work, the information counter on 4 levels: global, national, group and individual. In order to connect all the activities into a single entity, it is necessary to integrate them into the framework of the organizational and analytical system (OAS). It is a system of management activities and programs, the information counter at various levels.

3.Komitet Information Security of the Russian Federation.

The founders of the Russian Federation CIB:

1. The Administration of the President of Russia.

2. The Government of Russia.

3. Information and intelligence agencies of the country.

4. Leading municipal and private media in the country.

The main functions

1. Brand new system of training media elite of the country, which should sformirovyvaetsya such personal qualities as professionalism, patriotism, and information literacy activities, innovative behavior.

2. Integration efforts of municipal information and intelligence agencies of the country for joint information operations (offensive and defensive) to protect the information and ideological space of the country.

3. Forming a positive view of the country in the global information environment and the blocking of negative material about Russia.

4. The establishment of constructive communication with global managers actors in world politics and defending their own national interests.

5. Protection of Information Matrix RF (THREE D «Spirituality, the Sovereign, Dignity»), aimed at establishing a comfortable life for the society providing leadership position of in the world.

The composition of the expert council CIB must enter as representatives of relevant ministries and agencies, business, institutional and academic circles and the media. The issues of information-psychological security should be developed in conjunction with CIB municipal agencies concerned with education, information, mass media, culture, etc.

It should be emphasized that the main objective should be to determine the CIB main centers of information warfare against Russia and the development of measures to counteract the experience of the events in South Ossetia, Libya and Syria.

4.Informatsionny special forces.

Our homeland is bound to have an information unit response, or Information Special Forces. Information Special Forces — a strategic intelligence information, operating in the global information space, build a system of betting on the potential and actual dangers of.

The idea of the creation of the special forces of the Information I first put forward in 2003 in his book «Information Warfare and the third Rome.» But, unfortunately, the author’s idea was not implemented in Russia and in the U.S. Karen Hughes, a longstanding trusted advisor to the South American President George W. Bush, in the implementation of its obligations Deputy Municipal Secretary for Public Diplomacy.

The main objective of the Information Special Forces — effective actions in crisis situations, provided that the painstaking preparatory training, planning, and the presence of people who are able to implement planned.

Personnel Information Special Forces — an important issue.

But they are there. We need about 100 people for the successful conduct infoprotivoborstva. Humans are members of the middle of the Official Dr. Igor Panarin — http://vk.com/panarin.club.

February 24, I noted in the Company:

The main thing at the moment: the main 1.Kontsentratsiya (stroke Operation Anti-Putin). 2.Evaluation our chances of winning. 3.Nedopuschenie shares distractions vnimaniya.4 Identification infovoyny operations against Russia — identification, rather than duplicating them with links. 5.Predlozheniya to conduct our active infooperatsy.

And here are some comments:

1.Aleksandr Kovalenko —

A). But if it continues to take the information connivance of the authorities can not avoid the sad end. In this context, the fr — 5. Carrying infooperatsy focusing on cyberspace. Creation of a working group of highly qualified experts (psychologists, experts in the case of agent, bloggers) to work in sots.setyah. Covering all sots.setey: twitter, facebook, contact, blogs mail.ru, LJ. The establishment of rutub and YouTube channels with the same placement of the video. So tight connection of all parts sots.setey (links, reddirekt, cinematics, clickable comments in the discussion). The Working Group makes the network of bloggers vzamopodderzhivayuschey discussion in each topic with the introduction of the above footnotes on the side sots.portaly. And ID, etc. Huge range combat, I would have said that even just a huge … but not fully used.

B). Igor, tasks such as the development of ideologemm no in my opinion. Dosed need to stuff people information about the activities of the British Empire, but not from afar. Let’s first conveyed to the people of the action of the last century, beginning with the plan «unimaginable» and ending with the murder of Rasputin. It is this historical period, will greatly affect the patriotic people. Further — more. But all of this should be tied to a single network of a large number of virtual portals. It is not a small favor that will bring this information will be a guide for the younger generation who successfully brainwashed zombie western television lasciviousness. Personally, I suggest you to consider the necessity of the creation of the YouTube channel — specifically under the name Igor Panarin, which will be located not only in the form of Russian names, and the English language, with a short description of the UK. This will allow to lure attention to your performances and foreign users of YouTube. In addition, I note that Most users will be too lazy to read your work, which obslovleno Behavioral modern trends, and view it as an easier puzzle.

2.Slava Kirillov.

I think the situation is under control. As the saying goes, a dog barks, but the caravan moves).

The authorities do not need to fuss and methodically, in order to do their job duties.

It is true governed by the law and ensure public safety and order in the case sootvets

A). I think the situation is under control. As the saying goes, a dog barks, but the caravan moves). The authorities do not need to fuss and methodically, in order to do their job duties.

It is true governed by the law and ensure public safety and order in the case of corresponding threats. Forces and means to do so, the country is enough. The main thing — do not smuschyatsya in their application. Softness here out of place. While it is unreasonable to show ruthlessness to ordinary people is not worth it. How to manifest reasons, very aggressively and relentlessly be to deal with the organizers of the buildup of the political situation.

After the elections (in working order in a few months), of course, should be to toughen the penalties for abuses in the field of manifestation of democratic freedoms, the order of the balance of political actors and the influence of foreign entities outside the municipal propaganda against the leaders of the country and the existing order in the country. Should begin to control (I think, at this point almost uncontrolled) calls people to mass action through the web (this is almost necessary to extend the organization of meetings and gatherings, which should be improved). All this can be done through the adoption of the Patriot Act and to appropriate amendments to existing legislation. Before that, for nagladnosti need to explain to people the need for such law, to gather people to support it (two thousand from across the country in the capital, which is an impressive number of people in the regions).

At the same time the Interior Ministry advisable to format various public meetings to explain the rules of public order and respect for the consequences.

But in general, I would like to separately noted that the current government in almost everything she plowed the field that is running the organizers of political swing. Ability to collect 10 of thousands of people against the government is a direct consequence of the lack of rigidity of the authorities in the implementation of the principles of legality, equality of law for all, to ensure the professionalism and efficiency of the officials. There does not need anyone to feel sorry for: No result in work — fire. Broken the law — should be involved to the fullest responsibility (to deal with the softness of law enforcement and the courts over the bureaucrats of all ranks). Need to aggressively work with the staff. At the moment such force, that is not aware of and are not trained for the mistakes of others. He was not re-many warnings. All the same, we are talking about 20 years of liberties and an almost complete lack of control. And people go out specifically against this.

Our chances of winning — 1000%.

B). And, certainly, the most important idea.

Above — it’s all tactical tasks of the moment. I would say more, for me, of course, is that the emergence of such moment — this is a big mistake of its initiators, so as to spread the practice of unrealistic work in local under-developed countries in the stately

State of civilization (such State civilization already live under other laws). Strategic same goal — to ensure the independence and protection of at least some adverse effects on the country.

In this regard:

1.Neobhodimo quite cross on trade in natural resources of the country for rubles. This will ensure the validity of the financial, economic and political independence of the country. I suppose that in this area there is some compromise agreement. But we litsezreem,

that the brake is not working in the reverse side. Because no compromise. Here, of course, likely severe Short-term and medium-term risk. But they — nothing compared with the result of this work.

The work plan, which can be seen «rally» to me, as philistine:

1. massive information on the current status in this field in the media (it seems to me, a perfect environment for information and documentary films on TV)

2. political decision

3. collection of people in support of the decision (if need be — is also not necessary to pump people), public discussion and expert analysis

4. Plan some activities

5. implementation of these measures

6. public and expert analysis of the results of the activities

2. Needs to be done to truly revolutionary breakthrough economic projects.

Russian science now offers such projects — to take at least study Ostretsova. And it’s only available information. I’m sure there are also other powerful projects. This is a particularly serious. Do not be afraid of these projects and fluctuate in their own abilities. The country has already suffered so much, and that will pull these dangers. No need to look at anyone (not the public to do so). The country, the management of the country should take the lead, boldly live and work. And do not forget about the interaction with the people. Publicity is one of the primary mechanisms of work at the present time. After all, compliance of the public interest has yet to gain support of the people, the approval of the people, and this — publicity, in other words an agreement with the people, the discussion with the people. It is very essential. The time frame of the aforesaid work: on the first Fri — you can start by end of the month after the election, and this, by the way, in addition, podstignet degree swing and, most likely, will begin ektsessy performers swing that will be a nice occasion to conduct law enforcement system. On the second Fri — during the year adjusted on some of these projects (or several) and start doing it (or them), again the same with informing people.

So now, after reading these comments of 25 February, and then assessing the real infodeystviya another 2-members of society (Sani and Alexander Sanin Esenkova) I announced the development of Russian Infospetsnaza February 25.


The upcoming positive development of the Russian Federation requested a speedy creation of an effective system of information confrontation, because the information war against Russia does not stop and will only intensify. Create February 25 Russian Special Forces Information — the first step in a multi-level system of information formirovnaiya opposition.

I am convinced that the victory of the Russian Federation during the second world war, the information is likely only if the creation of the Information Special Forces of the Russian Federation. Now, February 25 — a day of birth of the Information Russian special forces. Inside made me the Company on February 11 http://vk.com/panarin.club already have the true, great news fighters. Specifically, they will be osnovoyGvardii Russian Infospetsnaza. I believe in the fact that, over time, may be in the autumn of 2012, will be made by Russian and municipal information and ideological structure — the first of Information Security Committee of the Russian Federation.

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