Pushkin and dumas are one and the same person?


African roots, light eyes with black curly hair, literary talent, easy style and workaholism, the interest in Russia and France, to Napoleon, to the Decembrists and the Caucasus, faithfulness and passion, finally. In preparing this material, we came across an interesting opinion: that Dumas — this is the Pushkin!

In no case do not suggest we fully believe in the semi-mystical version, but the arguments that lead author of the very interesting and worthy of attention.

The secret of genius and passion — in the African roots

Two literary genius named Alexander, two «suns» that captured the minds of contemporaries … Pushkin’s African line went from great-grandfather, Dumas — from grandmother. The genius manifested itself only in the 3-4 knee after mixing of the two races. Both writers have successfully published their own magazines, Pushkin — «Contemporary», Dumas — «Musketeer.»

And he and the other left behind a vast literary legacy. And he and the other seriously studied the history of their countries and composed on the basis of literary works. In the works and Dumas and Pushkin’s no particular depth, but there are extraordinary ease, grace, courage and recklessness, combined with adventure-loving flair.

Life and one, and the other resembles a lovingly-adventure novel. Not only as the death of Alexander Pushkin, his spirit was reincarnated in Dumas! Publicist Tatyana Morozova in his «Live Journal» referring to an article by Nina finds Milova, which may explain these and many other matches: not mystical reincarnation, and the very real transformation of Pushkin in Dumas.

Based on the mystery surrounding the death and funeral of the poet, it suggests that Alexander had staged his own death and moved to France to start to live and continue to do under the name of Alexandre Dumas. Why would he have been? The reason may lie in family and financial affairs and in relations with the Emperor Nicholas.

So pedigrees are made

Paradoxical death of Pushkin in the prime of many literary critics and historians and aroused doubts. Why was a duel with Georges d’Anthes? Many are looking for and can not find enough good reasons for it, disagreeing with the standard version of insulting his wife, Natalia Goncharova. All too farfetched.

A funeral in the night? A funeral is not in the family grave at the cemetery, and on the edge of the woods? A exhaustively described the death of the poet in his «Eugene Onegin»? … Around the time when Russia is grieving the loss of «the sun of Russian poetry» France welcomes a new novelist. Suddenly appears, however, as Alexander Dumas in the world!

Public interest in the Dumas family was gone almost immediately after his father’s death — General Dumas. Future writer at that time was only some three years. He lived with her mother and sisters in a deep province, no one has seen and remembered. And suddenly, after 20 years in Paris announced likeable and eloquent young man named Alexander. He visited old friends servicemen General Dumas and impersonating his son.

They will remember that the General was a son polunegritenok … Who here can refute or deny anything? All traces of the long-lost family. Almost all of the former father’s friends belong to the «son of General Dumas’ cautiously and only Duke du Foie able to persuade Alexander to give a letter of recommendation for a job in the office of the Duke of Orleans. This really could be one of the greatest fraud in history!

Milady executed for Natalia Goncharova

Nicely it turns out, is not it? But what facts and arguments in defense of the author brings his controversial version. We present only some of them. First, Dumas and Pushkin were indeed similar in appearance: and it’s not only in African roots. Even among the descendants of black people are rarely found with jet-black, curly hair and with blond hair.

Second, both were great lovers of female beauty and affection. Third, Dumas (former Pushkin) could not get rid of his past life, which inadvertently leaked out. For example, Dumas published the magazine «Musketeer», which translated into the Russian language could mean nothing more than a «Pushkin», because the gun — this medieval artillery gun, similar to the gun.

A common theme. Only two well-known writer in the world have written works dedicated to Charlemagne. And it is — from Pushkin’s poem «Dagger» and Dumas novel «Karl-Ludwig Sand.» Pushkin, Dumas wrote about the Decembrists. And, «The Fencing Master» Dumas written as if he was a member of events. Well, from the Frenchman could learn such details? Here Pushkin — one of many Decembrists — could!

And why would it do Dumas began his career with the product it is about Russia and they became famous? Much has been written about both of our national hero’s rebellion and failure of the government. In Pushkin’s an ode to «Liberty», the tenth chapter of «Eugene Onegin», «Boris Godunov», «The Captain’s Daughter». In the work of Dumas — «The Man in the Iron Mask», the completion of the series of the Three Musketeers. In the last book of the D’Artagnan long remains committed royalist, while the three Musketeers are opposed to the monarchy, and the friends find themselves on opposite sides of the fence.

Characteristically, Dantes was known as an inveterate royalist, while Pushkin was known for his anti-monarchist attitude. When the monarchy in France collapsed under the pressure of the revolutionary forces, he came with a letter to St. Petersburg, to serve the Russian monarchy, almost as D’Artagnan. And the last fact. It is known that Goncharov was often in France. For what purpose? Another question — why Dumas was so cruel to my lady?

Why her first hanged, beheaded, and in general, how could invent such a monster here. And remember the song about Athos Milady, «Bride of the Comte de la Fere only 16 such refined manners around Provence … no.» So if Dumas — is Pushkin, and noble Athos — this is it, the Milady — Natalia! Pushkin just woo her when she was 16 years old. My lady has married a second time, and Natalia also got married for the second time in 1844.

Probably a writer so wildly dealt with it because he was angry that she is getting married again. But then the novel «The Three Musketeers» was to be written in 1844 or 1845. And for sure! It was in 1844 and it was written!

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