Innovative pistol keltec pmr30


Innovative pistol keltec pmr30

One of the exhibits Arms Shot Show 2010, which deserves careful study, the gun is made in view of Innovative Technology from the company Kel-Tec, which received the name of PMR-30.

Advantages of PMR-30

This presented a copy of itself as such joins in complex outstanding characteristics: small weight, the applicable price, cost of production, leading technology and outstanding firepower. For example, the capacity of its cage 30 rounds 22 Magnum.

PMR-30 is an extremely unusual variant of the personal weapon in terms of design and layout of nodes and devices. Still, the designers left as a safety system was tested for a huge amount of time variant safety lever. Working elements of this mechanism are on both sides of the bolt, allowing you to cooperate snatching gun from its holster at the same time removing the gun from the hand of at least some protection.

Slightly on the theory

In the world of small weapons experts there are different points of view, including diametrically return in respect of such specimens of unusual instruments as PMR-30, well, in regard to FN Five-seveN (Belgium), 5.7-mm caliber, something similar to the them. The dispute is about the correctness of the implementation in such close combat weapons of small caliber bullets at high velocity bullets start of motion and powerful energy output. Some opponents of reasons to give the advantages, among which — increased capacity clips, little recoil force and exit strip sighting, getting lucrative flatness of the trajectory of flight of the munition, improved accuracy over large distances, and accuracy. In addition, the application of armor-piercing ammunition type is observed to be penetrated by the highest obstacle. Other advocates of the theory of small arms talking about a small inhibitory effect of the bullet in contact with the object and obstacle specifically these samples in comparison with others, which, in their opinion, negatively characterizes this kind of personal weapons. For the sake of clarity should see that the common criteria for assessing the impact of the bullet on target for the true time is not developed, well, hardly anyone — or will stipulate the effectiveness of inhibitory actions of South American patrona.45 ACP. In any case, the trend of development of small tools such type is the most promising for today

The freshest look on the standard PMR-30 immediately notices the unusual threads, designers applied for fastening the frame portions of the polymers. The same compound used in other types of guns from this company, for example, SU-16 carbine rifle and RFB.

Discussions on the inhibitory actions small-caliber ammunition and the need for such types of guns in the army or police departments will not. We are talking about a fundamentally just a brand new type of pistol, issued a recognizable companies in the market of small weapons the United States. According to the views of many professionals and private individuals, not all instrument should be considered as a military and a police order for its implementation. Quite a large proportion of people buying an instrument on the basis of the rights of a U.S. citizen, uses it for plinkinga — veselitelnoy target shooting and for the realization of their own personal interests as a hobby. Differently — for the sake of recreation enthusiasts guns.

Another part of the small gun lovers rightly believe that the instrument should be carried out intensively to implement the citizen’s right to self-defense and defense. Because the production of such products for a truly civilian targets simply unnecessary.

Presented at an arms fair pistol Kel-Tec PMR-30 specifically for this purpose and intended use.

Innovative pistol keltec pmr30

Innovative Trends

Kel-Tec on the market guns and ammunition is positioned as a company, which in their own development boldly introduces leading technology. Suffice it to recall such standards as compact weapons — rifles Kel-Tec SU-22 and SU-16CA, which differ little weight due to the introduction of polymer alloys and compounds in a reasonable relation «price — quality».

Among the items related to weapons with a small trunk, the company produces cheap and very popular in America. 9mm pistol small P-32, P-11 and PF-9.

A new trend in the production of guns in recent years has been the emergence of tools with a small barrel and the sighting of a new type system with fiber optic rods in the base configuration. PMR-30 is also equipped with such a system aiming, which helps to deliver aimed fire at frisky shooting.

Innovative pistol keltec pmr30

Design features of PMR-30

A more detailed study of the features of the device PMR-30.vidno follow. Frame pistol structurally consists of a 2-parts — left and right side, which are connected to the threaded connection — socket screws and nuts This greatly simplifies the process of production of the gun, lowering its cost. This solution is quite revolutionary in its essence, if it is used for military and sporting weapons. In the past nedavneshnem George Kellgren, the chief designer Kel-Tec, used this mounting system in their own development — SUB-2000 carbine, and others, in the next she remained without changes in all new swatches carbines this company. Such elements mechanism pistol as a frame, housing, levers fuse trigger latch itself ferrule holder made of plastics, glass fiber reinforced cloth.

In front of the lower base frame made special grooves which serve to mount on their devices for shooting, for example, laser light and supporting pillars. The scheme of the automation PMR-30 is designed for blowback action. The gate system and the receiver part is made of 4140 steel, used in the weapons industry. Gun housing and bolt portion in this case filled with structurally as-independent mechanisms, the casing is made of plastics, like frame, and attached to the helical compound breech portion. The barrel is cut grooves along the length of the barrel to reduce weight and decent cooling this part of the cannon. Chambering a weapon out of the cage into the chamber is due to an act directing the incoming supply of cartridges. At the same guide and the spring bolt is delayed.

Innovative pistol keltec pmr30

Device PMR-30

Small weight and simplicity of the device and the introduction of this tool, a small rebound in the production of a shot given the opportunity to use this gun for firing of favorite, trainings, and for self-defense throughout the U.S. population.

PMR-30 is equipped with 2 types of helical springs revertible d ifferent diameter and opposing coils located on one of the guide console. USM hammer type, one-act act. Details of shock — the trigger (trigger, sear and reflector) are arranged in a single block of steel weapons high quality, which, of course, simplifies maintenance. Such a system has been applied USM location Fedor Tokarev TT pistol at him., And then Charles Peter in the development of the gun Mle.1935A in 1935. The descent from the audible alarm. The force during the descent achieves from 1.6 to 2.3 kg. Protection against accidental operation of the trigger gun is held by oboestoronnego flag-fuse, operating on both sides, the arms of which are designed comfortably on either side of the frame above the butt pad handles. At the top position of levers — the fuse box, at the bottom — off. This makes certain of its convenience in use.

Creating a shooting

Pistol PMR-30 is equipped with aiming unit Virdinian X5L, which is attached to it. It consists of a light and laser light pillar. X5L, attached to the gun by the rails on the bottom of the front of the frame.

To eject the empty cartridges in the PMR-30 are used instead of the two extractor 1st, which is intended to increment the reliability of the use of devices. In the production of the last shot slide catch leaves in the back of the bolt position. The gun is equipped with a buffer plate to mitigate the impact. The latch holder is located in the lower edge of the pistol handle. The sighting mechanisms contain a fly made of aluminum, mounted in the recess of the «dovetail» with the possibility of adjusting the lateral component of the shooting, and unregulated pillar, executed as a single part of the polymer shell. Front and rear sights are equipped with multi-colored fiber optic cores to accelerate the aiming. Properties shots: a mass of 2.6 g bullets its initial velocity will be 375 m / c, when expended energy shot 439 J.

Established .22 Magnum cartridges are still the best properties on the dynamics of penetrating bullets, the more vserasprostranennye American sport hunting .22 LR (5,6-mm. For all that they own a small force of recoil when firing a rifle, as in the manufacture of shot with PMR-3.

Innovative pistol keltec pmr30

The peculiarity of arms

And yet the main difference PMR-30 is the number of rounds in the cage — 30 Ammunition .22 Magnum. This number of rounds out of place even for a combat weapon. Clip of the analog instruments, Belgian Five-seveN contains third less, and the cost of the gun is much higher. According to professionals, the cartridge .22 Magnum, also referred to as the .22 WMR, is characterized as a very valid ammunition. Despite the small caliber, it provided a strong penetrating power and full disclosure of expanding bullets with a small force of bestowal. The cost of it, certainly, higher than the cost of sporting and hunting ammunition. But it is still cheaper than the recognized cartridges 9mm Parabellum, not to mention a different caliber cartridges. Shooting rounds of .22 Magnum PMR-30, especially the swift, not only is effective, and looks great because of the high fire, emerging from the gun barrel, resulting in ecstasy followers plinkinga. According to experts, shooting at the highest rate, more precisely, the results do not depend on the muzzle flash.

Innovative pistol keltec pmr30

The gun for self-defense or …

Revertible force in the production of .22 Magnum ammunition fired from this pistol in a couple of times smaller than in sports or veselitelnoy shooting. Speak out so that the returns, as such, is virtually absent. Even with frisky pace of fire gun does not leave the line of sight, so that is the highest accuracy when shooting. Little weight guns — is also the dignity of the gun flush with large capacity clips. His weight is 555.7 g Little weight allows the continued wearing of guns in any accessible location. If for veselitelnoy firing the gun does not quite fit in size, the 30-round clips for the owner of the gun — only in satisfaction since its rate of fire and accuracy is worth

The main properties of PMR-30

Caliber: .22 Magnum

Length of gun: 200.7 mm

Barrel length: 109.2 mm

Height of gun: 147.3 mm

Beam weapons: 33 mm

Weight unloaded: 385.6 g

Capacity: 30 rounds

Trigger pull: 1.6-2.3 kg.

Innovative pistol keltec pmr30

The scheme of PMR-30 pistol

104 — trunk: 111 — sleeve clamp; 115 — reflector, 118 — drummer, 121 — trigger; 125 — sear, 148 — trigger axis (shown next to the trigger — specifically trigger axis) as well under the number 148, next to the trigger — the axis of the trigger, 150 — trigger; 151 — 152 block barrel — the bolt; 153 — buffer recoil 154 — cover, 159 — Fiber Optic (fiberoptichesky) pin; 160 — revertible axle springs, 162 — revertible retainer spring; 163 — a lock ring axis revertible spring; 164 — Outdoor revertible spring, 165 — internal revertible spring, 170 — rear sight, 172 — fly, 181 — ejector axis, 182 and 183 — ejectors, 184 — spring ejector, 185 — screw cover, 190 — screw block USM, 195 — magazine catch, 196 — spring magazine catch, 198 — Axis magazine catch, 200 — the left half of the frame, 201 — right half of the frame, 202 — unit USM, 205 — directing the supply of cartridges, 210 and 211 — socket screws , 212 — Nuts, 225 — safety lever, 226 and 227 — safety lever, 228 — catch, 236 — the axis of the reflector, 254 — trigger bar, 256 — spring trigger, 270 (in a frame) and 276 (in the trigger) — Mounting pins mainspring; 273 — sear spring, 275 — trigger spring, 279 — spring slide stop; 282 — slide stop lever; 285 — slide stop button; 303 — Spring store; 305 — Mounting plate; 310 — cover store, 320 — follower , 330 — body shop, 422 — the axis of the trigger spring and trigger pull

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