Krugolet chisloboga

Reckoning «from the Creation in the Star Temple.» This calendar — one of the Old Slavonic-Aryan calendar that were of any significant events. It derives from the Victory in the battle that occurred 7513 years ago (as of 2004-2005) — The Great Race victory of the people of the Dragon (yellows or Arima — as they were called). As a result, after the war between Hanuman (emperor Russenia) and Ahriman (emperor Arima) the peace agreement (or, as they said then — «created the world»). Defeated Harim forced to build a wall (loopholes in their direction) to indicate the limits Russenia. Wall called cue-Tai, which translates to mean drevleslovenskogo Kyi — a stick, fence, Ty — the top, the end that is «final, limiting the fence.» This calendar was abolished by Emperor Peter the 1st. Thus, entering calendar of Christmas, Peter 1st removed from our heritage of over 5000 years.

Palace — this plot sky (constellation). In ancient Slavic-Aryan system of chronology, which is called `yes Aryan Krugolet Chisloboga, Svarog Circle (firmament, ecliptic) is divided into 16 sections — the Halls (in contrast to the Chinese system, where it is divided into 12 constellations), writes

Halls so only partially coincide with the modern Zodiac. This is due to the 16-tirichnoy system of calculation of the Slavs and Aryans. Each character has a bridal chamber runic symbol (on the shield Chisloboga this third round the outside).

Hour of birth. Slavic hour does not coincide with the date as day divided into 16 hours. Next is the division into parts (144), share (1296), Moments (72), the moments of (760), whitefish (160), Gigi (14400), etc. The system Krugoleta Chisloboga hour of birth is displayed on the shield Chisloboga (2-lap outside after the patron god of the Hall). The name of each hour of birth inscribed with runes (from 2 to 4 runes) and has shaped the translation. Nearby there is a hexagram (four lines), showing the energy component.

Days of the week. Week in Old Slavonic-Aryan chronology system consists of 9 days: Monday, Tuesday, triteynik, Thursday, Friday, shestnitsa, Week, osmitsa, week. (Some reference to this preserved in fairy tales, for example — on skates-Gorbunke).

Element. Each of the 144-year Krugoleta has its own name. 16 different years are repeated in 9 different elements, total — 144 combination. Element in the form of runes, its figurative meaning, and colors displayed in the 4th circle (ring) Shield Chisloboga (counting from the outside).

Svarog Circle. This site sky through which over the summer moved Jarilo-Sun (now Zodiac, or the ecliptic). Svarog Circle is divided into 16 Halls. In an instant, the river of time, displaying Svarog Circle, born 53,896,011,200 individuals, each with their own unique destiny and its own unique character.

These individual souls tend to manifest on Earth in the World Reveal, which, in turn, the sun, stars, earth and moon will add them additional properties of character. Each embodied soul is a particular matrix, which contains information from the Goddess of Jiva, and complements it with the patron god Rod. In ancient times in the Midgard-Earth (our Earth) is home to as many as 21-24 million souls, and on earth Oreya (Mars) to 50 billion Shower on Earth Dei (now the asteroid belt) — 30 billion, but two souls born one second of two women in the same house will have different fates, as there is a difference in moments, jiffies, sigah. In addition, they have different Star-Lord, all sorts, dad and mom. The souls of their ancestors belonged to a different star system, each star system at the highest Divine level has its roots.

Special influence on mental human activities Yarylo-Sun. And especially his harmonious flow of particles, which in the modern world called neutrinos. Man — this is the only living structure that has the ability to fully apprehend this harmonious flow in your body. Neutrino as a particle can fly through the moon, any land, and getting to a person, it stops, and the body it accumulates. This radiation is necessary for mental activity and control of the nervous system. But man, some of animals that live in different elements are also able to retain some of the neutrino. (Beast does so only partially).

In the water element is the Dolphins in the air — eagles, falcons, eagles, owls, owls, ravens. The earth element — coma (bears), a family of cats (lions, Parthy, leopard, tiger, lynx) and wolf. Therefore, in the Old Slavonic-Aryan traditions above the animal world are endowed with wisdom and assistants are considered gods. They appear on the ornaments on clothing items, weapons. It is believed that the animals of the water element — is Navneet Wisdom (World of Glory). Fauna of the earth element — is Wisdom Explicit (of the World Reveal). Birds — Wisdom is flawless (from the World of the Government).

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