Sumerian heritage of humanity enslaved or origins of architecture ziggurat in Red Square

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Recently in the media and the Internet has been raised about the removal of the body of VI Lenin's Mausoleum on Red Square. This was preceded by a number of materials for debriefing about this very structure and its function, why it is there, even with the dead, embalmed in ancient Egyptian technology inside. The issue has matured to the point that the party picked up the baton EdRo, hitherto unnoticed in this field, with a view to arranging a vote or not to make a mummy from the mausoleum on Red Square. Has been raised many interesting questions on this topic. But doing this, missed a lot of rest.

Well, tell me what makes the Sumerian ziggurat in the center of the Russian capital in Red Square? This question is probably already asking himself each. The question of course is interesting, excites many, but for example I answer it difficult, in the magic of the Chaldeans I'm not privy, but I will try to shed some light on the origins of the tradition of the publication of this ziggurat, its architectural and symbolic features and put the question somewhat differently! I am sure for many, even closely involved in the research of the mausoleum that material will be unexpected and interesting. Marked and intrigue immediately. Ziggurat in Red Square is directly connected with dolmens and icons in the fields, which draw supposedly what the "aliens."

First things first …

In fact, this mausoleum-ziggurat is not so simple as it seems at first glance, and if you really deal with this issue closely then let me show you the analogues of the mausoleum — the ziggurat, which you see and which was visited almost daily. Some of them just live in these buildings, would not be surprised if even among those living in the architectural analogues ziggurat there are those who are engaged in the study of this most ziggurat. But to start talk about the origins of architectural traditions under which designed and decorated this ziggurat-mausoleum on Red Square, because if we are talking about the Sumerian tradition, our field of vision must extend much further Red Square.

Look down from heaven.
There is a very interesting online service, Google — Earth, which allows to look at the city's building and planning to "heaven", like the "gods." Provides a very surprising picture I tell you! Sometimes looking at it all as if from a satellite, you think, and for whom all this way They have built and planned, for whose sight of. Us that after all this beauty to be seen, and now! No way for those who had and has the ability to observe it. Let's see, using the service at the mausoleum of VI Lenin, that we see? And we will see very interesting details:


From the front of any of the parties is a kind of stage design, but about it later, I think the reader can see analogues. At the base of the Mausoleum of VI Lenin is a square space cube! But the cube is not simple, but with a cut or cut, as it marked face. Immediately the question WHY?!

In seeking an answer to the question "Why", paying attention to our Cropped (labeled) on one corner of the square and began to answer the question "How", believe me it's worth it. Those who are no stranger to religious cults planet is not difficult to draw parallels with the very similar in design object. Sacred object. Let's look at a Muslim shrine — the Kaaba, located in Mecca. What will we see?


We will see in the bottom square, cube space. In the corner of the cube, we see the so-called stone base. Conventionally, the Kaaba can be exactly square with one selection or marked face, which looks from the foundation stone. This can be seen, among other things as a cut on one face of the square.

Above all ziggurat in Red Square is similar to analog Kaaba in the Christian religious tradition. So analog is "Holy Sepulchre" in Jerusalem, the one who comes down from the Holy Fire. We look at it:


At the base is a square space cube whose faces are marked with three, and one is not there, as it were, cut out, just like a ziggurat in Red Square cut or torn corner! Above all, the Holy Sepulchre is the place where you want someone to lie in the Holy Sepulchre, ie in the tomb, and the ziggurat — the mausoleum on Red Square is nothing like it is "crystal" tomb — a tomb. Strange analogy, right? But that's not all, the most interesting and surprising to researchers ziggurat-mausoleum ahead. Ie You can still set the angle and thus, clearly showing three speakers and one clearly cut, as in the case of Christian relics. In fact, the Christian "YY" is the same as the Muslim Kaaba with a stone base in the corner. Ie character of the same object, to adapt to different religions. Ziggurat in Red Square has the same origins as the "Tomb of the Lord" in the Christian religious tradition and the Kaaba in Islam.

Architectural and symbolic version of the "ziggurat".

Many researchers believe that the ziggurat in Red Square is what it hurts the eyes, do not fit in the urban construction and invented by those who gave the territory of Russia as a "revolution." I will argue the opposite! At first glance, everything seems to be so, but let's dig a little deeper, after all, "the Holy Sepulchre" and the Kaaba was to mausoleum! Let's look for traces of the "Ziggurat" in Russia before coming to power as a "communist" junta. It is not sucked out, those who built the ziggurat, the project of a finger! As it turned out a more serious approach and not really sucked, evidenced for example here this bill from 1919, when about ziggurat in Red Square and never heard:

For those who do not understand what you mean, I will explain briefly, on the bills anyhow not represent, each detail has its sacred significance, especially with respect to the bill in 1961, but even then no exception. Generally this place bills concentration sacred symbols carrying specific meaning for those who can read. So what do we see? We see the bill marked on 4 sides such uzorchikami round, but one of the corners of billsThe features. The same goes for the scenes in the lower right corner of the box sitting on Auntie. Three angles are visible to all GOOD — OPEN AND HIDDEN FOUR SQUARE tunic sitting on Aunt! Just so artistic or design intent is not to explain. Indeed, the entire scene has its sacred meaning, every detail of the scene, but now I know. Here, in general, within the meaning of the symbolic version of the Holy Sepulchre, the Kaaba and the Mausoleum. And to be precise, all of the above has its origin from the once common to all of these source objects. Do not go away from the notes give a little advice ideologically-minded voters of various social and political formations. Citizens! do not look at the wrapper, and the symbolism. From this position, I want to disappoint those who are still running around with red banners, and believes that in 1918, in Russia there was a sort of a revolution. Just look at the money and everything will be clear that, globally, there was no change as much from the beginning of walking securities in Russia (You can check for yourself), this is a theater dedicated to the priesthood, a change of scenery, for driving under a sauce infinitely impossible everything moves, everything changes!


Uzorchik similar in a more modest version seen on the modern denominations.
Just in a new "act in the theater" changed some characters similar in previous sacred meaning, changed the sign. For example the two-headed eagle is identical in meaning hammer and sickle and is there. Same basis remained unchanged, and this support is an important artifact, so that the interest in this show of force involved to spray the crop circles all over the world through these "drawings" in the fields!


But this is a separate conversation, and yet continue to the mausoleum.
In addition to the symbolic version of the ziggurat, there are also numerous architectural copy of the ziggurat itself in appalling numbers. Look these up accordingly Ziggurat aerial. It is the same square or rectangle truncated at one corner. Such buildings have almost all cities of Russia and the world. It looks like this in this way:


Usually viewed from the top of the building, it is a rectangle or a square at the base, as it were, one of the truncated edge. Crowns and stands on top of the slice, or add in a turret with a round hole — the dome (cap) or symbolic dolmen. For those who are engaged in the study of dolmens, I think it will be interesting to find out what makessymbolic dolmenon the roof of a building in the place where the cut off one corner, so why do it on the roof! We can say this is the key to an understanding of who and what are relevant dolmens and why they are now ruined!

Dolmens and their symbolic kopii.jpg

Usually located below the entrance.

dolmen skhema.jpg

All in all it is an architectural version of the so-called ziggurat in Red Square, the Holy Sepulchre and the Kaaba. Many leading talk of the mausoleum-ziggurat do not even know it. And they do not suspect that is the same source in its design and have religious places of worship. If for example you look at the church with a bird's eye view, a mosque, or what may be a Chinese or an Indian temple in the classic style, then at the bottom it will be? Perfect square, oriented to the four sides of the domes. In most cases, we obviously do not find a hint of the selected face or stone base, although the balls under the cross on the dome is not uncommon. Within each church there is also an altar with a crucifix, ie in fact, with the symbolic, but the tomb there crucified Son of Man. I mean — the Holy Sepulchre — This definition will become clearer hereinafter.


Absolutely the same source underlies the execution of castles and we'll talk about when we receive confirmation from the fields of England later, but as long as examples of the "ziggurat-mausoleum" in the performance of the Castle:



Variants of the same incredible array of the world, that's like version of the Holy Sepulchre, the Kaaba and the Mausoleum of the Vatican:

Star Rim.jpg

Whatever the skeptics are waving, saying all this nonsense, I'm a little distracted from the main subject and the screen will give food for thought in the main square of the Vatican and Mecca (ie, from the Christian and Muslim versions of the same). At the Vatican on the square is an obelisk on a square base, and focuses it on four sides, and in Mecca at the same place the Kaaba also focused on four sides! Area form needs no comment.

Even though not identical, they are different, but very similar version of the execution of the same!


And that would be anything but boring, here are the reconstruction of the Sumerian city made for excavated foundations, there is just the middle of a ziggurat:


And that's just an amazing French version of the same ziggurat yard Louvre:


This is directly a ziggurat-mausoleum (the Holy Sepulchre) with a cut in the form of a broken corner of the park. This angle (ie, the foundation stone) as a prisoner in the square area shown below. These parks, as well as architectural structures, covered with the length and breadth of sacred symbols are very common around the world. Does not have to be a scientist, what would conclude that something from which originate in the performance of these monuments, including the ziggurat — the mausoleum on Red Square, which is a very important and significant "thing" for those who know what it is about, or why give this a frankly not quite adequate, attention! Just some sort of paranoia these ziggurats!
But further more! It turns out exactly the same paranoia struck and those who engage in "drawing" of crop circles around the world. In fact it is nearly always do what you jokers I doubt now only by the fact that these jokers have to have an extremely high degree of initiation in certain circles, well, or have wings that would see all the beauty in the cities of the world from a bird's flight (not to mention the scale and technology), ie they should at least understand what the symbols they put on the field, otherwise how can we explain THIS! Version of the ziggurat — a mausoleum in the pictograms from the fields!
Squares and cubes, with a focus on either three or on one face:


Special attention and especially for those who are engaged in the fields icons seriously deserve here these formations. For example you can ask yourself the question, what makes a character that is placed on a sweater by "Reebok" in the embodiment in the form of icons on the cereal box, an area of a couple of football fields?


Or is this kind of advertising sweaters "Reebok" or the symbol bears some some specific information for masters on, because companies often choose to place their products on the sacred symbols, which consumers think that it is just for the sake of beauty, as with cuts — idea designer!
Or like this one interesting option:


Here we have a cube with kruglyashami in the corner and focus on three sides (the cube inscribed in a triangle). All enclosed what that wall! What is this wall? The answer to this question we will see at the Masonic crypto gram of that from which originates and the Holy Sepulchre for Christians, and Muslims Kaaba and ziggurat-mausoleum on Red Square, and more than so obsessed with those who all builds and designs! All this of course again in a symbolic way.


On the presented gram we see in the bottom square, cube space. By the presented per gram attributes a fortressLoopholes in with defending against external threats. Known angle with a stone foundation, discussed above, the Programmepresented in a hand sticking out of the corner with a sword at the ready to defend. The soldiers in the fort defending against air targets, from "heaven." The doors to the fort closed, top-center of this fortress is wearing a winged cap. Loopholes on the sides are still active, but soon they will lay a "dome lids" and get "cathedral" tomb — Coffin with locked there defeated defending buried there alive.


If you and I imagine that looking at the angle from which the hand with the sword sticking out from the top of the fortress through the loophole and recognize that it is afoundation stone in the corner, then you can figure it out that way!:


Ie authors icons mean it loophole!
Total, we are talking about a confrontation in which "cube" with the defenders had been locked inside the "dome cover" and only one angle, somehow remained active.


Accordingly, the character itself can mean a victory of those who attacked the "heaven"


of those who defended the earth. It is dedicated to the masters, those in the know. And for those who do not know it all and became the religion of the control means descendants of the vanquished. What is it? What kind of attacks? What kind of defense? And here we are talking about this:

"Wherever you are, whatever you do, between the earth and the sky's war!"

Those who study ancient artifacts and ancient mythology of the earth knows that every culture has a mention in the form of legends, tales and myths about the confrontation or war "gods." In the religious tradition, this story tells of the opposition and the rebel angels like "God," which has all the negative qualities of what a person has, is and revenge and jealousy and cruelty itp He talks with the wards here on Earth, he leads the chosen people in the desert, providing them with a device for communication. The so-called ark of the covenant. He feeds them with what is manna from heaven, it helps to conquer other nations to ruin the trump of the city walls. Betrays the slaughter whole nations with acquired property. Destroys the city somehow strange anger, very similar to the description of nuclear weapons. There is no need to list all the evidence detailed in the known literature and available to everyone.

Artifacts of ancient civilizations often reflect scenes of confrontation winged "gods." If desired, everyone can find information about these events of antiquity. After all, the myths, legends and stories of the peoples of the world this imprinted so ancient history of mankind, which over time has acquired a fabulous details and interpretation of the technical features, technology, weapons, words, in this sense, the illiterate person. Eg the Greeks of this war is written so.


Titanoma? Hiya(Greek??, "Battle, the battle") — in Greek mythology — Olympian battle with the Titans.
On the side of the Olympians have some Titans, and the first — Titanium Ocean and his daughter Styx with children zeal, strength and victory. Dangerous was the struggle for the Olympian. Powerful and menacing were their opponents. But Zeus came to help Cyclops. They forge his thunderbolts, their metal Zeus Titans. The struggle lasted for ten long years, but the victory does not bow down to the one or the other side. Finally, Zeus decided to release from the earth Hecatonchires-hundred-handed ones and call them for help. Horrible, huge as mountains, they went to the depths of the earth, and rushed into the fight. They tore the mountains of whole rocks and threw them into the Titans. Moaning earth, thunder filled the air all around varied. EvenTartarusshook with the struggle. Zeus metal one after another fiery lightning and deafening thunder rumbling. The fire covered the entire earth, the seas were running high, the smoke and the stench was overcast all the thick veil.

Finally, the titans tremble. Their power was broken, they were defeated.Olympians handcuffed them and thrown into the gloomy Tartarus, In the eternal darkness.In copper adamantine gates of Tartarus, the guards were Hecatonchires, not to break free from Tartarus mighty Titans. The power of the titans in the world over.Reigned over the world of the power of the gods winners, led by Zeus.


Olympians handcuffed them and thrown into the gloomy Tartarus

For information: The area now occupied by Russia once was called the Great Tartary. Where does the name of the country? Not much of a Tartar Zeus overthrew the Titans. If yes, mischievous destiny of this country is clear. Or who is still thinking about what that Tatars?
Map of Great Tartary 1570:

Map of Tartary (Siberia) Abraham Ortelius 1570g.jpg

In Maya mythology confrontation also occurs between the two forces, "a god" civilizing Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca black. In this fight, win black Tezcatlipoca and sends "crucifies" Quetzalcoatl, the "cross." In the role of "cross" stands the tree of life is also very well known in many ancient cultures object.


Sleeping on the sacred maize (similar to the tree of life in Maya) "god." Bas-reliefgravestone in the church of the Cross in Palenque.


In one version of the rock, and on the other to the tree, which was later thrown into the abyss of Tartarus, the leader of the Titans, Zeus arrests Prometheus for what he stole from Zeus and brought to people what that fire (also a kind of civilizing). Actually it was one of the causes of war. Perhaps this "fire" for Zeus was very important "thing."
The Egyptians central conflict in the war of the "gods" take Horus and Seth, the Egyptian artifacts as often opposing sides are separated by a tree of life. Gore denies Seth masculinity and throws him. All of these ancient cultures share one and the same story, they are imprinted available means and with the inherent characteristics of each cultural niche, but the general gist is visible to the naked eye, which for some unknown reason is not visible to historians. And judging by the fact that this story unites almost all ancient cultures, and in the myths and legends, and through the artifacts, the story and its implications were for our ancestors which is very, very important character.

In the Sumerian version of each other opposed Enki and Enlil, one of them favors mankind Earth, teaches him the second wants to destroy it. Sumerian Sumerian artifacts and about the most colorful displays the object around which the opposition parties, ie "Tree of life."

Schumer drevo.jpg

All this is one and the same.
Sumerian tablets also can track what that two opposing forces, someone who is struggling, who is someone throws. Here for example, one's characteristic hat with a knife wound of another, whose face is shown in the form of the sun, like thorns on a Sumerian "tree":


But for example where the company cruise, apparently allied to the other drivessquare pit, in a place where other seals typically has the "tree" from which he defends (pulled a knife), one of the character of the men sitting on the arm of the bird, presumably EAGLE! Eagle just defeated liver pecked Prometheus, at the direction of Zeus. In general, you know these eagles around the world!


According to the Sumerian extant artifacts, not all just evolved and the "gods" of the winners. Their "three-headed bird — Triglav" can not "sit on the tree became a thorn."


On that same "tree" to which Zeus chained Prometheus and cast into Tartarus, to the very "tree" where the fallen asleep Tezcatlipoca, Quetzalcoatl. Here on this tree-fort:


Trees, birds, hedgehogs what this is about …?

What do you think could portray the war technically advanced "gods" with the use of the weapons, ground, bases of radar, missile and space defense, technically illiterate people? Certainly aircraft were birds, of course scheme of underground engineering structures and all these buildings were the branches of a giant tree, as today branches metro. Is this not the branches or roots of the "tree"?


And this?


What do you think? This is not possible? Today highlighted evidence of any structures on the ancient Egypt, South America and other places in the world traces of the high-technology and high-precision instruments, the parameters of which are not achievable, even for modern civilization (such as traces of milling at the Pyramids of Giza, built first, then the whole milled edges where needed )!


About the weight of the blocks that build all these buildings, I do not say anything. To historians and Egyptologists who defend a version of what all this is "cut out" and "drags the" hand I leave on their conscience, demand will sooner or later be. So that the presence of high technology in ancient times, by which the "gods" and to fight, an indisputable fact!
Course for illiterate in this sense mankind missiles arrows, of course Zeus metal zippers, of course the city of the Lord burned car or someone who thinks of himself as and forced to think of others. As sealed by him and his allies, "coffin", in which he was buried alive by the rebels — defeated and are not impressed by the Titans.
So went and closed the joint efforts of the cover and you guys ….. "cover" only the hand with the sword, and left!


Sitting on top of this symbol (cube or square) is the same if you had someone or be shoved into the trunk, slammed the lid shut and that would not get out to sit on top of the chest (the symbolism of such accurately captured the essence).


I think needless to explain the tradition of seats went from here on such "thrones", and aides and servants which side to sit on these thrones!

After all the power of the "Lord"!


You can sit or stand on the symbol dolmen a tribute to the traditions of those who watches over all these canons in favor of the winners — are, under various guises, but with an identical essence!


And sit!


And standing, beat "snake" to column cross topped bumps (Sumerian symbol of the tree of life), and based on the same die:


And so stand ….


Are shining horns on top dolmen:

stands dolmene.jpg

And sitting on the symbol of the dolmen.


And the cost of the Kaaba and the Holy Sepulchre.


And even like this are:


The statue of "liberty" under the feet of the "it" one of the versions of what is on the Red Square and called ziggurats. Here "open" angle shows little differently. But the meaning is the same! Almost a direct analog to see the Louvre altitude "gods."
And it really frankly stand guard "Hecatonchires" keepers of the Titans trapped in Tartarus!Take a look inside this monument, what you see there you will be surprised, if not shocked!And do not let in Tartarus "cherub" with the flaming sword to fabricate! Somewhere I read about it, so what is this Tartarus, the symbol of which is including the mausoleum?
Battle of the Nations Monument — Leipzig.

Lost ray.jpg

Battle of Nations MonumentLeipzig is also the one of the many versions of the ziggurat or mausoleum of the Holy Sepulchre — the Kaaba.
Usually on top of the mausoleum were also uncles in hats — caps. Waving hands and smiling.


Bad example because contagious! But like all symbolic! And no wonder that, in this mausoleum is stuck between two worlds artifact, which is used as a voodoo doll, projecting through a state of slavery, defeated, obedience, death and sleep for the whole country and its people. And maybe there is still something "invented", but this is not about ritual and mantra, and the specific technologies likely microwave character. Transmitter — transmitter, receiver across the country! Well for example, information technology, when the frequency of the healthy body can be transmitted to the patient, thus asking him the fairway on the right track to recovery, and such development today is not a fantasy. And because you can broadcast and frequency of sick or dead body to health.
See little castle architecture and geometry banning symbols! On Russia, the successor of Great Tartary and its people, a descendant of unruly Slavs, the rebels did not subject themselves to the will of the "gods" was not enough, and that's put that set. After all, in itself, "mausoleum"it is a symbol of victory over mankind, that mankind, as a symbol of the bulwark of defense of which "Titans" defending the Earth!His "cover and got on top." And on Red Square lies there dead, drowned in the blood of the country. Here you say, get "our" version of your "savior" crucified on the altar: Look atITwithout any comments, experts in the mausoleum must understand


Do you think the author is mistaken about the symbol of victory over humanity? Wait for your time and see for yourself who and who won the war "gods." What kind of fucking and defeated the Titans, Zeus!
I remember in the beginning, I raised the issue, and for whom all this is accurate, beautiful, secret parks and urban planning? Who to see? Not just us, then who? The winners of the "sky"?

Living Dead — delight for the eyes of the "gods."

So continue to look for answers to the question, who are the Titans and who won these "gods", led by Zeus? The answer, as the answer to the question of which is the symbol of the mausoleum — ziggurat in Red Square with a corpse inside, see for yourself.


We live very often in the "Tomb of the Lord", in the sense of belonging to it, and as it is a different name — in mausoleums? The characters have defeated ancient humanity — Titans, defending the Earth from the "gods." Is thus decorated entire neighborhoods, is a form of a square or rectangle room, but for some reason one beveled corner. In general, if you are in the center of any of the cities in the world, Russia has put in Moscow or St. Petersburg, you from all sides of the building will be surrounded by sacred symbols strewn with symbols dolmens on the roof with one hand skoschennymi angles. All this is very true! Houses — mausoleums, ie Sepulchre, which he closed the lid and sat on top. Sumerians about it very well aware — there in a square cell of people! One corner of a cell and sticks his head slanted.

Locked in a cube on top orel.jpg

in a cell - Coffins GOSPODNEM.jpg

For this lack of love for one of the corners I hope you are now more clear. And love is not OOCHEN ancient.
No one corner, and so rovnenko rovnenko!


A walking idols hung with jewels (gold, silver) is then who? Conducted an experiment in which people often hit by lightning, weighted down with a variety of metals, or free them. The cult of wearing bling of superconductors have circulated not only in Russia, but all over the planet. Gifted stick metal objects themselves where no popodya. Such a fashion. Guess in which dummy Lightning beat a lot more often? But the work of the ziggurat in Red Square is likely based on the electromagnetic nature.
Before anyone else did not get what was going on in terms of where people live and how they contemplate with the altitude of the "gods", the following pictures will help you understand:

Foundation stone - the key to Lune.jpg

Centered at the bottom of the previous illustration is nothing more than acemeteryin Madrid!No …. you are well understood —CEMETERY! The place where the tombs and graves of the dead are in the world.


In general terms, this cemetery in Madrid is nothing but that's it:

Sat on top 2.jpg

And what does all this have to do with our current reality and what is happening in the worldyou ask? And here is this:


Mankind through the icons in the margins, possibly by those who are defending the Earth, possibly directly from Tartarus, convey greetings from ancient times, suggesting that the war "gods" is not over, otherwise why do you think now is a mad UFO activity? Why do people around the globe watched flaming balls (about the film by Chris Everard "Secret Space" 1 and 2, with the participation of D. Ike). There is for example the NASA footage as luch released by the Earth approaches the planet scary UFO, that "shy away" so that as much "sparkle heels!"

The Sumerian Saint (Sumerian holy)








One "stone" that that corner (the hand with the sword in the corner of the fortress) and remained on guard the Earth and still will not let me here is clearly those who razdolbal this planet! Not allow using the very sniskhodyaschego from "Sepulchre" Holy Fire, but not the one that comes from a religious symbol in Jerusalem (it's just symbolism), and the man who brought people Prometheus, there are real and the conductors of which the surface of the planet were and are still dolmens (it is the old technology and the ancient technique)! It is this "fire" gives the tree of thorns!

And how, once again, has this to do with the architecture of the ziggurat with teraphim in Red Square? This is repeated all symbols of human slavery, defeating him. Do you know where we've seen the "gods" and their masters do not Earth? Correct exactly where you can observe it flying like this very "gods"! People live in a character locked Tartarus, looking at the surface of the damaged system dolmens.
Who destroyed it? And the king and it is actively destroyed during the communist and post-World War 2, on the instructions of the country's leadership for a specific period.

Why you ask? Then it belongs to the system for those who defends the planet from direct invasion of the "gods" to the ground. Then that trample the "gods" winners down the characters of dolmens, including through his earthly followers and servants. Lord because the Lord, and not vice versa, you'll never wonder about it? And locations of these "gods" are not so far away, otherwise how could they remotely control the lands, as long as this does not go without problems, prickly "Sumerian" tree-fortress does not:


Circle the earth for the modern literate person is the orbit of the Earth, which moves on the Moon! From "one end of heaven" and to "the edge of heaven." As the heavens are not limited to the clouds on which sit the "gods, pummel lightning." The clouds have space and other planets, which may inhabit reasonable gods, oh sorry beings who can be "chariots of fire or heat the birds" (ie, space ships) carrying their force winds, and many in the roar of thunder from heaven Promised to earth, the inhabitants of which they may not be quite friendly (as happened once in ancient times, and continues to this day with the Earth and its inhabitants.) After all, is difficult to explain the permanent war and revolution on the planet, pouring blood only internal reasons, they say the fight for living space and a flawed human nature.
It's hard enough to explain the government's attitude to the people that they "graze", and especially in Russia, simple stupidity or class hatred. It is certainly the place to be, but not in such gloomy and globally! It's hard enough to explain the total silence of all the world's governments of issues related to the so-called phenomenon of UFOs, crop circles, anomalies on the moon and the moon (strange as it "rotates", just like the hut on chicken legs in the fairy tales, the forest before, back to us. And hut remember who lives!?) i.t . paragraph. When all see it, the power of the world throw up their hands and say that it is all nonsense, not enough facts, hallucinations, delusions itp Rather difficult to explain the strange gaps in the history, and total blindness of historians who study ancient artifacts, because there is clearly evident from their origin places of worship today! It is also difficult to explain the presence of the historians eye and brain, the fact that they do not show traces of the highest technology of the ancient buildings. Difficult to explain as the fact that as a strange situation with crucifixion, chained to the sacred oak tree, or a rock heroes. This is Prometheus, this Spartacus, revolted slaves, this Mitra, it Mayansky Quetzalcoatl, almost one in a crucified Christ, it would be difficult to explain the total destruction of the conquistadors missionaries libraries that culture. I am sure that the most interesting so far is stored in the Vatican special depositories.

Code arhitektura.jpg

Even in these "gods" are bound to have weapons systems, including genetic and biological, ideological, remote influence, defense, navigation, itp
And believers? What believers! They have been cheated ….. circled in the age of technological progress and knowledge around your finger on what actually had a booking with these lunar bases!. Ie put the real story of the symbolism and religious fantasy about nailed to a wooden cross with iron nails savior.
And here, for example on the Church in the United States, wherever dropped "bird" who's seven fellows of riveted iron brackets! Neither you cross or you nails, but the meaning transmitted accurately.


And there's also seven in the circle and also with falling down a bird.
(Reference: The birds depicted ancient aircraft "gods", that today it is a UFO. And the Titans had their "birds." Because Prometheus stole fire from Zeus and brought it to the people not with bare hands and not with wings on their backs — it's symbolism. And overthrown Titans in Tartarus were also not in the nude, and probably as a result of battle, clashes on their own or their "bird")
And this thing triple among others is also a compulsive motive for those who draws the crop circles around the world.


The passport is at such a thing has, together with the incident there bird disguised as a shield — also a symbol of victory over mankind:

Touch tayne.jpg

But the seven sleepers, trapped underground youth — saints in religious symbolic version:


On top of what is in the mountains ….. and a wall with four pillars separating the city from the sleeping child.
Home because the task was to lead away from the truth, so it was easier to manage and hide lunar empire, remotely controlled ground, with the help of his servants of the government-controlled, grazing servants' flocks.
And now suddenly all the opening and incredibly, UFOs do exist! Crop circles reality, all that is so directly to religious subjects, but not in a religious context, it isTECHNOLOGY opposing side, the so-called ANGELS, who defends Earth and those who for centuries hammer, using the fact that the main defenders of the planet locked in Tartarus — Holy Sepulcher. It has long been a reality!

Cathedrals piktogrammy.jpg

So speaking of Sumerian occult structures need to look much, much wider in our world of big set! We can say our world is made of them. Basically the same of the same story, only in different ways. Bury the mummy of course not, but what to do with the rest of the legacy of slavery and the century of the country and all of humanity? Closedandand the cornerstone of the story, which prevents "gods" to achieve the final implementation of the "new world order" is everywhere.


Ancient war is not over … and this view with icons in the margins and UFOs sooner or later come to its logical end, what will it be for us to know, but in any case, humanity must rise from his knees, get rid of the yoke of the "gods", imposed the latter in the form ofany of the existing religions in the world, grow up and grow in this respect and finally learn to distinguish between what is good and what is bad!

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