The israeli assault rifle machine gun galil» arm

Even despite the successful ending the Arab-Israeli «Six Day» War in June 1967, the command of the Israel Defense Forces is very critical to estimate their weapons. For example, the Belgian FN FAL rifle production markedly inferior to the convenience and reliability of the Russian AK-47 in service with the Syrians and the Egyptians. On the advantages of a light assault guns, submachine gun developed under cartridge, in front of the instrument under rifle cartridge read and implementation experience of the American M16, comes in Israel.

The israeli assault rifle machine gun galil» arm

After testing various foreign models, it was decided to make a standard that will connect the ability of a light machine gun assault rifle cartridge under the South American M1 93 caliber 5.56 mm, but on the basis of AA. This puzzle decided to Israel Galil («primordial» name Blashnikov) and James Leer. It must be emphasized that the proper design of the rifle was proposed and Uziel Gal. In the system proposed by Galileo, and Lehr, the main job of devices and automatic rifles, the design of the bolt, trigger mechanism and slide similar to an AK. The design of the store and the trunk was taken from an American pilot system «Stoner 63″ magazine catch and sights — the Finnish M62 (which has been created on the basis of the AC), flame arrester — the M16A1, a folding butt — the rifle FAL «Couple» ( Belgium). The composition of successful borrowing and adding their own decisions given the opportunity to rapidly compared to a standard acceptable. In March 1968 the army began tests.

Rifle «Galil» ARM (Assault Rifle — Machine Gun — «assault rifle — gun») In 1972, was put into service. The company was engaged in the creation of IMI («Israel Military Industries»). Elite Brigade «Golani» first received «Galil» and its combat debut in ’73, during the «Yom Kippur War».

The israeli assault rifle machine gun galil» arm

Gas operated clutch assembly is mounted on the barrel, gas escape hole is drilled to the bore axis at an angle of 30 degrees. reversed. The gas piston — brilliant, in the gas tube is centered on the rod «star.» Once the system gets enough momentum, excess gases are discharged through the holes in the vapor tube that opened during the withdrawal of the piston. Job major systems and automation like the Kalashnikov assault rifle. Bolt carrier «Galil» has a significant difference from the bolt AK — bent upward handle, which provides the convenience of action for both right-and left-handed. Inherited from the Kalashnikov powerful bolt carrier and comparable light shutter, pre-«Breakaway» liner during unlocking the gate, «posted» position of the moving parts with comparable huge gaps, provided the operation of the system even in the criteria dusty conditions. Form the receiver does not differ from the Finnish M62 and AK. At first, «Galil» staged receiver, details revertible and the firing devices, which were manufactured in Helsinki. The design introduced a second interpreter flag-fuse which placed above the pistol grip left. Because he is put on the axis of the main fuse, control them without interruption from the pistol handle palms are not very natural — for manipulation fuse flag to move backwards.

Bearing displacement fly back with the flame arrester can shoot rifle grenades — another approach to the «NATO standards» and unlike the AK. Diopter rear sight has a fixed position in the range of 0-300 meters and 300-600 meters. By moving the sight on the cover of the receiver, the length of the strip sighting was 475 mm. «Night» sighting device (usually removed) — points of light on the rear sight and front sight, provides aiming at a distance of 100 meters. Night or telescope installed on the Placing on the left wall of the receiver bar type «swallow tail» — also inherit AK.

The israeli assault rifle machine gun galil» arm

The rifle has a lightweight folding stock, fore-end wood and plastic pistol grip. On the butt may be worn removable plastic «cheek». Carrying a folding pen, which is located above the center of mass. Folding bipod attached to the venting unit. Their attachment is allowed to swing a rifle 2-planes relative to the support. The bipod also serve as scissors for cutting, and here they are more convenient bayonet (as in AKM) due to the greater length of the lever. The bipod can be used also as a «opener». In general, the bayonet-knife comes in a set of all 3 major versions of «Galil» — AR and ARM («Assault rifle»), SAR (« shortened assault rifle «).

Weight box store sector with 35 rounds was 690 g in the version of «machine gun» also use 50-round magazine of 1.0 kg. The export version of ‘Galileo’ is made under the cartridge 7,62 x51. Specialists believe that the «Galil» cooperated unpretentiousness own layout and the highest reliability with some successful ergonomic solutions. Rifles «Galil» were adopted by more than 15 countries, among which Botswana, Bolivia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Zaire, Chile and Estonia. On the 82 th year in the South African company «Vector» to spoof version of the FN FAL produces ARM «Galil» under the symbol R4. This rifle has not left the flag guard and interpreter differs enhanced receiver, elongated butt, modified fore-end made of reinforced plastic, lightweight carrying handle. Rifles «Galil» flush with «Kalashnikovs» vserasprostraneny in South and Central America. In fairness, we note that the choice of Estonia rifle «Galil» was faster success of «market policy,» which successfully played on the management of the country’s hopes to join NATO. According to fame «Galil» with its layout and sharing it became one of the best assault rifles. But the role of a light machine gun, «Galil» not very successful — as almost always this combination, the rifle remained «ersatz» machine gun, but the grouping is to assault rifle was solid. The design of a «family Galil» includes 104 parts and 6 basis the main nodes.

The order of unloading assault rifles — machine gun «Galil» ARM:

1. Insert the fuse.

2. Pressing the tab on the back seat store, unplug it.

3. To remove the cartridge, which can be located in the chamber and withdraw the bolt handle back and look through the window of the receiver chamber.

4. Release the bolt and push the trigger.

Technical properties of assault rifles — machine gun «Galil» ARM (in brackets data export version):

Caliber — 5.56 (7.62) mm;

Cartridge — 5,56 x45 (7,62 x51);

Weight unloaded — 4.3 (4.0) kg;

Lengt h with unfolded butt — 979 (1050) mm;

Length with folded butt — 742 (810) mm;

Barrel length — 460 (535) mm;

The number of grooves — 6 (4);

Step rifling — 305, 178 (305);

The initial velocity — 980 (850) m / s;

Rate of fire — 650 (650), shots per minute;

Effective range — 500 (600) m;

Capacity — 35, 50 (25) rounds.

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