Yahwehjehovah castrated seth!

At the head of this black-Zionist Christian kingdom is the one whose name was originally Zion Seth. He is Yahweh or Jehovah, the tribal god of the Jews, the main character of the Old Testament, it is God the Father of Christian theology, it is Allah Islam Seth and became the King of Egypt, and the High Priest and leading the powerful order of their supporters, the same as he black magic, which on the fateful banquet was 72, gained tremendous power in the Night, Dark Hierarchy, which is why all the major Jewish, Muslim and Christian holidays — Shabbat, Christmas, Easter, Ramadan held at night or at sunset.

Yahwehjehovah castrated seth!

Why? Because egregore Seth, his kingdom, is located across from the sunlit side of the Earth, it is not tied to any particular place, except for the Earth’s shadow, which he hides from the sizzling sun rays PA. His egregore is Navi, at the same time, egregors solar religions and civilizations — That’s right.

So, Seth began to reign, insidiously killing Osiris, unlawfully took the throne. Until the son of Osiris and Isis, Horus (Nötsch-Atef — «avenger of his father») are not grown up and joined in battle with Seth, in which he was assisted by all the gods of the solar dynasty. The battle will not describe, it is important that Seth and Horus castrated after his overthrow. Plutarch says about it: «The very same Gore finished and perfect, and he did not destroy Typhon (Seth) at all, but stripped him of enterprise and effort. Therefore, the Copts, as they say, a statue of Horus holds in one hand Typhon phallus «» On Isis and Osiris «55.

In addition, the column created by order of Pharaoh Shabako (VIII century BC) states only that Seth was exiled from Egypt to Asia, that is, in Arabia, the Sinai Peninsula!

What happened to Seth? could not have so completely disappear so powerful god! If he could, even cunning to defeat Osiris, mastered the most powerful magical knowledge has long been the king of Egypt, and the High Priest, before the assassination of his brother organized a secret order of his supporters, who was 72 at the feast, and after this order has grown into a powerful Lodge devoted to his left hand, then he could not take this way and quietly disappear, to admit defeat, to repent, to begin to atone for sins and slip out of the story! He wanted revenge! He wanted revenge!

Seth wanted power and revolution (one of the meanings of his name — «rebel»), because it was originally Black, left, and the word «revolyutus» literally translated from Latin, means — «snake curled up in the ring.» He wanted a full, unlimited power, the power of absolute, irrefutable, alone!

But after his departure from the earth, that is, material plane, the circumstances of which myths are silent, he realized that his emasculated Gore stripped his ability not only to a new incarnation, because castration — is cut off Sephiroth Yesod and Malkuth in the etheric body, which makes the new incarnation of care problematic, but Astral and he can not fully exist, because maintaining stability of personality requires Shakti, that is, female incarnation, the divine consort, but he copulate with no one can, nothing!

What to do so or to «husband»? Lost? Not at all! He had not gone! So, Seth, Seth, Sutekh was castrated, he — «the god of other countries,» the god of the dead desert, god of strangers, it — red, white, his name also means «commanding» and «destroyer», «what makes violence» his sacred animals — pig, okapi, and most importantly — a donkey (himself Egyptians depicted with a donkey’s head), he a rebel, a traitor, fratricide, the enemy mountain personified Light, Solar Home — Ra Gorahuti, Seth also represents the dark forces of darkness and destruction, the Greeks associated with the serpent Typhon. And most importantly — it is his thirst for personal power! Monobozhie! Eye in the Triangle!

Despite the fact that Gore overthrew Seth in Egypt had many of his undercover associates. They secretly and have worked hard to return to power of his patron. When the era of the gods is over, in Egypt there were two warring parties — Right, Light — Isis, Osiris and Horus and the Left, the Dark — Seth. And Seth clan in ancient Middle Kingdom and began to control Upper Egypt. Pharaoh, crowning the kingdom, put a double crown, which symbolized power over Lower Egypt, which was the patron of Gore and authority over Upper Egypt, the ruler of which was Seth. Why is this? The fact that Egypt is growing, has come into conflict with its neighbors — in the south of Nubia, Libya — in the west, and the Hittites — to the east.

That was when the pharaohs in search of God, able to wage a brutal, merciless war, started reading Seth. Seth in this era was the patron god of the rigid hierarchy of the state bureaucracy, the military dictatorship, there is even some evidence that it was his structure performed in ancient Egypt, the function of the current special services — intelligence and counterintelligence. But the subordinate did not like Seth. After all, when he was king, he expected that he would be king, the main and only god of Egypt forever! He wanted revenge.

In 1650 BC the delta of Egypt nomads invaded the eastern Arabia (there where the myth and was banished Seth) — they were Bedouins Hyksos. People «Hyksos» was formed as a result of assimilation Hurrian and Semitic ethnic elements. They pushed the Egyptian army south to Thebes, took the most fertile land and enslaved natives.

The capital of the Hyksos was the city of Avaris (Hawara) located in the Nile Delta. Hyksos worshiped the donkey as a symbol of their patron deity and Sutekh, Seth. It was during the reign of the Hyksos occurred Old Testament story of Joseph — the eleventh son of Jacob, who, being sold by his brothers into slavery in Egypt was there shortly as prime minister. Life. Chap. 37, 39-50. Although the ruler of the country, in which Joseph (Egyptian name of Joseph — «Tsafnat-Paaneah» — «God said — let him live, live») was called to rule in the book of Genesis, «Pharaoh», but in fact it was the ruler of the Hyksos, and » wise «management Joseph Egypt was actually efmeizmom total plunder of indigenous people, as there is direct evidence of Manetho.

(That is, the image of what happened and is happening in Russia, starting from October 1917 — robbing local people and turn them into slaves — a well-proven technology.) According to Papyrus Salie I «king Apophis (throne name» Ra-aa-ab-AUI, «- on the fourth king of Manetho the Hyksos, that is, if it is — Apophis II, fourth dynasty Pharaoh XIV) … built (at Avaris) it ( Seth God) church. » In 1555 BC. e. Thebes came to power Pharaoh Kamose, who, along with his military chief (?) Ahmose starts a war with the Hyksos, which was triumphantly completed in 1552 BC Seth was once again driven out of Egypt.

But he did not calm down, two hundred years later, he is making a new attempt to seize power in Egypt, but is now more cunning method — it was known to all the mysterious and incomprehensible revolution of Akhenaten (authentic sound — Sx-on-Yot), this religious revolution written many books and here I will not repeat the details of this venture — a few important factors: formal worship of Aten (authentic sound — Yot), introduced by Akhenaten, as opposed to the Theban priesthood of Amun was the cult of the solar disk, and nothing more, why it was necessary to change everything, if god Amon was also Sun God?

But «Aton» was the name of the sun in the west, the setting, the dying, the symbol of the east, the rising sun was a scarab. In addition there was a little-known goddess Athor — Goddess of Darkness. Names and Aton Athor differ by only one letter, it is possible that Aton — Men hypostasis Athor, besides there is suspicious circumstances from which to guess that this story was inspired by Seth is …

First: Akhenaten abolished the cult of Osiris, which was the cult of Egypt since the departure of Osiris in the afterlife — it was the revenge of Seth, the impact that it has put Osiris after 2300 years after his first defeat. And in contrast to the cult of Osiris, who, after leaving became a conductor of the dead in the underworld realm of the Duat, Akhenaten declared that there is no afterlife, and forbade all rituals associated with the commemoration of the dead (just did scientific communism!).

Second, he abolished the cult of Amun, who at the time of Akhenaten — Amenophis 4, was called Amon-Ra-Gorahuti — it was revenge Seth Gore.

Third: he called himself the only son of the god Aten and the only mediator between Aton and people, no one else could know the Aten but him (all this again after 14 centuries in Palestine), he forbade the use of the word «gods» in the plural, that is, is tried to introduce a strict monotheism, the god Aten was the only god, for the other gods except Aten does not exist (one of the names of Yahweh in the Torah — «Adonai» and the literal meaning of «Aton» — the Father), he forbade portray god or gods in which any form (the same prohibition and still exists in Judaism and Islam).

He suffered from a genetic condition and made a strange impression on his contemporaries is not entirely sane person who is on the verge of hysteria, under whose influence is permanent, he brought to the desert a few hundred thousand people, and forced to build a new city Ahetaton, that some time will be repeated Moses Moses, but without the construction of the city.

But there is one important fact. Despite the fact that Egypt was worshiped many gods, the chief of which was Ra, and even earlier — Shu, Ptah, in the ancient texts there is a clear indication of the fact that the basis of all that was not a male god, and the goddess Isis. Inscription in the temple of the Mother of the Gods at Sais said: «The fruit is born by me — the sun.» That was Isis Mother of all things. Osiris’s wife Isis was the embodiment of the Goddess. Thus, the Egyptian religion in its original basis was matriarchal.

And the main purpose of the reform of Akhenaten, who created the monotheistic worship of Aten God the Father — was the beginning of the destruction of matriarchal, in the destruction of the cult of Isis, Seth, hateful, mother of Horus. Because he believed it was her main reason for their defeat and emasculation.

Seth, but then failed to avenge Osiris, Isis, Egypt, its people, the priesthood after the death of Akhenaten, the heretic, and all his «innovations» were forgotten and the damned. But Seth revenge later — already in the 7th century AD, when his «soldiers of Allah» plundered and laid waste all the relics of ancient Egypt, neither the Greeks nor the Romans later did not dare disturb the pharaohs, no one destroyed shrines, and only in the 4th century Christianity and then in the 7th century, Islam has superseded its exposed blasphemous desecration of holy places of Egypt.

So, after the defeat inflicted on Gore, Seth and his occult gang decided, «We’re going the other way!»

«And the LORD appeared to Abram, and said, Unto thy seed will I give this land. And he an altar unto the LORD, who appeared to him «Genesis. 12. 7. Abram — son of Terah, an exile from Ur of the Chaldees (Haran), Josephus in his «Antiquities of the Jews,» blurts out the real cause of emigration to Abram, «The Chaldeans and other people of Mesopotamia revolted against Abram, he decided to move out, took the will and God help Canaanite land «Ch. 7.1.

At the time of the comfortable and safest cities out into the wilderness alone notorious villains, lepers, syphilitic, scammers and the people involved in black magic, just arrived in India with the gypsies. Not for nothing is seen «Sarah was barren and childless,» Genesis. 11.30. Besides Abraham rebelled against his father Terah, who was, in his view, «an idolater.» Where Abram might learn that his father Farah «idolater» if «true God» appeared to him many decades after his exile? Indeed, the phenomenon of Yahweh Abram was then, when he was 75 years old when Farrah probably already long dead.

This «phenomenon» — the first attempt to get to privatize themselves draw people base which shall be further transformed into ethnic weapons. Abram with his tribe went to Egypt. There, «the Lord» «plagued Pharaoh and his house with Sarai Abram‘s wife» Genesis. 12. 17. Feel whose hand? On his return: «When the going down of the sun a deep sleep fell upon Abram, and behold, attacked him horror of great darkness» Genesis. 15.12.

In general, it is very amusing to read the Bible, if you know who really is the «Lord», everything falls into place, all absurdity, cruelty, treachery, murder, treachery, the abomination of all secrets come out! Especially the description of the many «deposits» and variations of the Kings of Israel from the cult Seth apparently then not all Jews were zombified were reasonable people who understand or feel that there is not pure, and the Levites, and priests — the highest caste of the Jewish priests, quite not bright and gracious God is worshiped, and vice versa! The more so as the «Habiru» or «ivriim» in ancient times was called the whole group of tribes living in the Palestinian territories, and the tribe of Abraham was just one of them, and it is this nation falling under full control of Seth, by direct expansion and genocide his brothers, seized power and began to dominate in ancient Israel.

«When the sun went down, and there was darkness, so a smoking furnace, and a burning lamp that passed between animals. On that day the LORD made a covenant with Abram. » Life. 15. 17-18. And at night, in the dark, in the dark, in Potma! And the Sabbath and Passover, and almost all the Jewish festivals are held at night, and Ramadan, Christmas and the Christian Sunday and evening — all after sunset! And they say that «the light has come into the world!»! What light?? Location?? Hopeless, blinding darkness!

This is the main religion in solar rituals are performed at sunrise — Suryanamaskar example, they have the same all the way around — Adepts of Darkness! «And the people stood afar off, and Moses drew the thick darkness where Yahweh» Ex. 20.21.

An Egyptian maidservant Hagar bears Abram a son, named Ishmael, he — the father of all the Arabs: «And he will be a wild man, his hand against everyone, and hand against him» Genesis. 16.12. Yeah, that’s ass, finally, was a sacred animal, after all, Donkey more times will we appear just before no one was paying attention to the donkey in «Scripture,» you never know where all creatures! but no, the donkey has a special role — this is a sign for the dedication, know who you are dealing with, it’s us! We’re on it.

Seth makes a covenant with Abram, a covenant that you will not believe it — a funny thing to say something improper, «you shall have a circumcised male. Circumcise flesh of your foreskin, and it shall be a token of a covenant between me and you «17. 10-11. What a covenant is? What a whim? What the licentiousness? Yes, Seth is a eunuch, to circumcise the foreskin — is a sign of belonging Seth! He’s a eunuch, then we should have to sign it — circumcised. A Christian theologians for centuries and were wondering why it is they who are circumcised? Both Jews and Muslims? And most importantly — «Our God Jesus Christ, too, was circumcised?».

Of course, the meaning of circumcision does not end there, there are other occult meanings of circumcision on the eighth day from birth. The conflict between Arabs and Jews, which has lasted for over 3000 years, in fact, a conflict half-brothers — Isaac was born later, but from the already circumcised father, after the conclusion of the covenant, and he was circumcised on the eighth day of birth, and Ishmael — conceived of yet uncircumcised Abraham he was circumcised at 13 years of life, like all Muslims who are circumcised now, besides not born lawful wife, and slave. And Sarah, by the way, the sister of Abraham, the father is a common, but different mothers.

«And Abraham rose up early in the morning, and saddled his ass, and took with him two of his servants and his son Isaac,» Genesis. 22. 3. Once settled, and the moment we can say decisive — slay his son’s age in response to the will of «God» or disobey? Who could think of such a test? Seth does not need dribbling righteous, it needs zombies, universal ethnic weapon, people with no kind-tribe without a state, is not attached to anyone or to anything, exiles and charlatans, from which he can do everything: soldiers, executioners , assassins, priests, kings, prophets, theologians, and all the glory of his name and in his infinite power.

Thus, the initiation into the cult of Abraham Seth occurred sometime in 1800 BC. e. if we assume that Joseph was the governor at Avaris approx. 1600 BC, and counting back — Joseph, Jacob, Isaac, Abraham. After the expulsion of the Hyksos dynasty, Habiru, the tribe of Jacob, however, was not followed back to the desert, and remained in Egypt, where he successfully bred over 300 years, as reported earlier book of Exodus-1. 7.

The number of the tribe was at the time of the reign of Ramses 2 (he was, obviously, the most «hearted» in the history of the Pharaoh of the Exodus)

600 thousand men on foot alone, Ex. 12. 37. Although serious historians do not believe these figures and claim that they were no more than 40 thousand along with women and children. Three hundred years after the expulsion from Avaris Seth’s wounds, gained strength, until he found a suitable candidate for the implementation of a new security operation called «Exodus.»

And here is the history of the Exodus: «And Moses took his wife and sons, and set them upon an ass, and went to the land of Egypt.» Ref. 4.20. Jesus into Jerusalem on a donkey, too, entered, and in fact before all walk upright, why would he, this time on foot, do not come to the Passover? «Saying to them, Go into the village opposite you, and immediately you will find a donkey tied, and a colt with her: loose them, and bring them to me, and if anyone says anything to you, answer that the Lord needs them, and immediately he will send them «Matt. 21. 2-3. «Jesus having found a young donkey, sat on it, as it is written,» Fear not daughter of Sion: Behold, thy King cometh, sitting on an ass’ Inst. 12. 14-15. And about what is King Zechariah prophesies? Yes, Yahweh of Seth, whom else!

The fact that Seth and Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob — one entity Plutarch mentions: «Those who says that Typhon (Seth) after seven days of fighting to flee on a donkey, escaped and became the father of Judah and Jerusalem, those clearly and obviously attracted to the myth of the Jewish tradition, «» On Isis and Osiris «31. Plutarch, remember, lived in 45 — 127 AD yy when Christianity was not yet the official religion of the Roman Empire, and so he could only know firsthand the Jewish tradition, so he reacted with disbelief to the existed already believe that Seth-Typhon and the God of Israel, but people in the know were already once before it This information has come! This is also the Gnostics knew that for this knowledge have been destroyed.

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